90% of the pension fund has been invested in public debt

December 5, 2018

90% of the pension fund has been invested in public debt

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In 2008, the fund barely covered 55% of the country’s debt

Alert before the thinning of the Social Security reserve

The relaxation of the risk premium is insufficient: the interest is 5.11%

In the long term, analysts interpret that the tunnel is narrowing: the Spanish Social Security Reserve Fund empties by forced marches. These are the consequences of the country’s high public debt. As much as the risk premium makes efforts to relax, the Spanish 10-year bond was still registering yesterday rates of 5.11%, extraordinarily high …

Last year, the Executive of Mariano Rajoy had to invest 89.6% of the 65,000 million euros of the Social Security fund to cover the country’s public debt . And that had never happened. The fact is that such a situation is depleting the reserves of Social Security, one of the major problems facing the country’s economy in the long term. With these reserves, pensions are paid. And if there are no reservations, there are no pensions.

“In 2040,” says Alvaro Monterde, social security expert at March JLT, “Social Security benefits will not be anywhere near now.” Before, the maximum pension could reach 85% or 90% of the In 2040, the maximum pension will be between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per month. ”

The Wall Street Journal yesterday echoed the problem, using the figures that the Social Security department has offered in recent days. In November, the government withdrew 4 billion from the reserve fund: it was the second time in history that the public bank was on the verge of bankruptcy. The first time had been registered a couple of months before, when the Executive had had to collect another 3,000 million from the fund, in that case to cover needs that were never specified. Both withdrawals exhausted the annual legal limit, so the Government had to raise it temporarily.

Many readers will remember it. In those months there was talk of an imminent rescue . Something that, in reality, today has not occurred. In fact, the economic analysts are divided: some interpret that this rescue will not be necessary, given the corrective tendency that the main economic and financial indicators are taking. The risk premium, which had reached 638 points in mid-July, has been relaxed to the current 360 points.

These are relatively comforting data, but they are still very serious. The public debt absorbs a good part of the fiscal and financial adjustments that are taking place in the country. This is where the rest of the experts, those who consider that the Executive of Rajoy has to ask the rescue to Brussels. They think that it will be then when the risk premium falls back in a convincing and definitive way, to be below 300 points.

The situation is similar in many cases. There have been many countries that have been covered before future eventualities. In the years prior to 2008 – date of the beginning of the current crisis – Spain, Finland and France generated surpluses and strengthened their pension reserve fund. Thus, they were covered for the darkest days. The fact is that those bad times have arrived. And apparently, to stay for a long season.

As soon as the crisis took shape, many of those countries used those reserves to cover contingencies, including the interest rates that treasury bonds must pay. Ireland, for example, used a good part of its fund to invest in shares of nationalized banks and government debt, an intervention in which foreign investors would never enter.

Something similar has happened up to now in the Spanish case. For much of 2012, international investors have turned their backs on Spanish debt, which has had to be financed through national contributions. In the case of the Social Security reserve, its contribution has been increasingly high.

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In 2008, the fund barely covered 55% of the country’s debt. Last year, 90% of the fund has already been reached. While fund managers say the reserve has resources for the long term, skeptics frown. The latter have reasons to distrust: the rate of unemployment gallops unchecked, hovering around 25%, the population ages and the pyramid grows by its upper section and hardly create new jobs. It is estimated that there are currently two contributors for each pensioner, far from the recommended four contributors.

Related ‘Der Spiegel’ accuses Rajoy of “looting” the reserve fund of pensions to avoid the rescue Báñez: “We will use the Reserve Fund when it is necessary to pay pensions” The Government does not rule out using reserves again to pay pensions Social Security uses for the first time the prevention fund to pay pensions

Irish jobs market seeing a Brexit boost

November 30, 2018

Irish jobs market seeing a Brexit boost

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Trayc Keevans, the Global FDI Director of Morgan McKinley Ireland, says the availability of professional jobs increased by 11% in October

The availability of professional jobs increased by 11% in October of this year, compared to the same month a year ago, the latest Morgan McKinley Employment Monitor shows. 

Trayc Keevans, the Global FDI Director of Morgan McKinley Ireland, described the increase as a Brexit boost. 34% of the jobs created in October related to financial services and the main areas affected were asset management, compliance, financial control, risk management. “These are all functions associated with Brexit-related activity,” Ms Keevans said.

“The second biggest sector was the technology sector. This was less about market access and more about skills access. The ongoing uncertainty with Brexit in the UK is having an adverse affect on European talent in particular – people looking at the UK to live and work – and Ireland has been a benefactor of that,” she added. 

There is normally an increase in recruitment activity before Christmas, and while that is another factor at play, Brexit is the main reason for the increase in recruitment. 

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There has been a spike in contract activity. According to Ms Keevans that has largely been borne out by a lot of additional administrative activity for HR professionals in light of GDPR. The digitisation of the industry is also affecting their work load, as is Brexit, she added. 

Impeding the Brexit boost is the processing times for employment permits which are running five to six weeks for employers with the Trusted Partner Scheme, and longer for employers outside the scheme. 
The Trusted Partner Scheme is a government initiative that was brought in in 2015 to enable the fast-tracking of employment permits. The agreed target time was two weeks. The longer processing times are causing a backlog with employers. 

“There is also another effect on non-EA professionals coming here, and that’s the Irish Residence permit,” she explained. “There are delays of nine to ten weeks for individuals being able to get an interview to register with immigration, so we have a situation where professionals that are here and that have an employment permit and a visa to live here, but they don’t have a multi-entry visa because they can’t get the residence permit. It means there are people who are trapped here until they can obtain those.”

Ms Keevans said people who want to work in Ireland are becoming more aware of the housing crisis and rising rents in Ireland. “The most adversely affected are those middle-income earners and professionals who want to live near work,”she said. “That’s to the benefit of the regions, and that’s why we’re seeing a lot of people looking outside of Dublin for jobs. That’s been supported by the really strong investment that’s happening in the regions now. It means people no longer have to make a career sacrifice, they have less of a commute, and pay less for rent, but it is causing a problem for Dublin,” she added.

MORNING BRIEFS – Nissan and Mitsubishi shares have slumped in early Tokyo trade, after the arrest of chairman Carlos Ghosn. He is accused of under-reporting his income by $45m over five years. Mr Ghosn heads up the Japanese-French alliance between Renault-Nissan and Mitsubishi, an alliance that sold more than 10 million cars last year. The car makers are planning to remove him from his posts.

*** Building materials group, CRH has reported sales in quarter 3 rose by 4% year-on-year to €7.9 billion euro. Wet weather disrupted the group’s operations in the Americas, while momentum remained positive in Europe. CRH management is expecting favourable market conditions in 2019.

*** Airbnb says it will remove all homes in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank from its listings. The move has been welcomed by Palestinians but Israel has called it “shameful” and threatened legal action.

*** Fears of Brexit disruption have failed to deter passengers from booking flights next summer with EasyJet. The airline said today that half its seats were sold for the first half of 2019.


Montoro admits possible false invoices not detected to finance the 1-O referendum

November 30, 2018

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Montoro admits possible false invoices not detected to finance the 1-O referendum

The leader of Citizens, Albert Rivera, and the Minister of Finance, Cristóbal Montoro, have worked for the confrontation in the Congress. The referendum in Catalonia and the subsequent statements of both the minister and the president of the Government, which has been dedicated to that end. This issue has been translated into English for the provision of public funds, has replied that “there may be falsification of invoices” and another type of embezzlement, such as “opening a public enclosure for an illegal political act, for example. “

A revolver, with the investigations of Civil Guard that point in that direction led by the judge Pablo Llarena to request immediate explanations on this particular to the minister. The leader of the Citizens has ruined that of the court of the Embezzlement before the courts with the words of Rajah and Montoro denying the embezzlement, for which he has called for explanations: “It would be too much to ask that the Government stop making him a defense lawyer and tell the truth to the judges, “Civil Guard and the rest of Spaniards?”

“How can there be (falsification), in any administrative procedure?

Montoro has started his reply saying that he could not rule out anything: “discard, discard can be ruled out, except the need to be true to principles.” The ministry of government has been that of the Government of the Republic of China. And immediately, Montoro has demanded that Rivera read his interviews in the press, in particular the latest one published in El Mundo, in which he assures that “I do not know with that money”, nor the maintenance of Puigdemont. referendum could only have been due to a crime.

Montoro has put the accent on this thesis, which has admitted that it exist: “Can have, has sustained. Above all, “Catalonia is not independent of the actions of the Government of Spain”. So now the “actions of justice” are under way, but “if we had done the accounts, the separatists would have had hundreds of millions in their hands.” Now, “if they have falsified, they must answer for it,” the minister has warned.

Admits that “there can always be imperfections in the procedure of a state action”

The rotundity of other times has also been “imperfections in the procedure of a state action”, and he said. For the Minister of Finance, “that is democracy, the discrepancies”, because “the rest is dictatorial”. Thus, in the face of the Catalan question “we are doing a control”, but “there may be imperfections” in this proceeding, and he explained.

Montoro has also had the occasion to make a guilty for accustoming him as an alibi for Puigdemont. “That already is fantastic,” he snapped. “Mr. Puigdemont,” he replied, “because we are doing our part,” he said.

According to the minister, “it is not that the Government is collaborating, but that it is promoting” the investigation on the financing of the 1-O

Montoro has claimed that “do not do more interviews” because “Judge Llarena will thank you and the Civil Guard also. “And in reply, Montoro has” I always not say you “. The minister recalled that “I have done many times in my political life because you have to do priority when you do not want to do.”

After this, Montoro recalled that in his interview in El Mundo points to a possible crime of forgery and that is why an investigation is under way, and that “it is not that the government is collaborating, but that it is driving” that investigation.

Pere Aragonés (ERC), remember that “Montoro has all the accounts of the Generalitat” and therefore also ” indication “of expense or falsification of invoices to finance the referendum, so they regret that the minister’s suspicions are launched” without any proof or foundation “.

The Ministry of Economy remembers that “Montoro has all the accounts of the Generalitat” and therefore also “access to invoices and all the files”


No to racist, homophobic acts at Manchester Pride

November 28, 2018

UK Black Pride – Europe’s biggest community-led, not-for-profit support group for African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people – is proud to have confronted racism and homophobia inside and out of the Black and LGBT communities for the past eight years. This is why we are deeply troubled to have learned that the organizers of Manchester Pride have made a bizarre decision to book a racist, homophobic act that goes by the name of ‘Queens of Pop’ to perform at their community Pride event this August. You can form your own opinion by checking out Mai Sabai’s blog about this.

UK Black Pride has written to the organizers of Manchester Pride to register our disagreement with their invitation for the Queens of Pop group to perform. If you agree with us that the Queens of Pop act’s substance and material is offensive then please take two minutes of your time to write a letter (or copy and paste the model letter we have presented below) and send to Manchester Pride via this link: http://www.manchesterpride.com/contact/ You could also help to share this email among your friends and networks. The more pressure we can bring to bear down on the organizers of Manchester Pride, the more likely we are to be able to secure zero tolerance to racism and homophobia.


Having never heard of this group before I have watched their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD8e4CMJbBI and find it extraordinary that Manchester Pride- a high profile community LGBT organisation – would choose to associate itself with performers and material that has clear racist and homophobic connotations.

Black face is a form of entertainment based on crude racist stereotypes which has, over the centuries, disseminated a view of black people that mocks, dehumanises and encourages violence against them (see http://black-face.com).

This Queens of Pop video is not ironic. It is a cheap attack on a famous man, Will.i.am, using language that would not be out of place at a BNP, EDL or KKK rally. It is plain old-fashioned homophobia, mixed with some of the oldest and most pernicious forms of racism using the mask of ‘ironic entertainment’ as cover. It also jokes about Will.i.am being a rapist.

As a community Pride organisation you have a clear responsibility to support and represent the diverse communities in all that you do, including who you ask to perform, especially as many of your audience will be experiencing racism and homophobia in their day to day lives.

If you allow Queens of Pop to perform, the message that booms out loud and clear is that you are happy to support racist, homophobic acts and material, that Black LGBT people are not welcome, respected or safe from ridicule at your event or in your organisation.

I ask that you take the only sensible decision available to you and, uncomfortable as it may make you at the furore it has caused (including opposition from UK Black Pride, the most representative and successful Pride event for Black LGBT people in Britain), remove the Queens of Pop act from your event with a clear public statement reasserting your commitment to the diversity of LGBT people you serve.


UK Black Pride misses out on top gong among champions

November 22, 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride

Phyll  Opoku-Gyimah, Executive Director of UK Black Pride – Europe’s largest community-led, not-for-profit support group for African, Asian and Caribbean lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people – narrowly missed out on the top gong in the Diversity Champion of the Year category at the prestigious g3 and Out in the City awards at London’s Landmark Hotel on Friday 26 April.

Phyll was shortlisted among an extremely strong category that featured five outstanding women, including the Football Association’s England women’s coach, Hope Powell, the international human rights lawyer, Anne-Marie Hutchinson, and the eventual winner, the London 2012 Para-Olympian, Claire Harvey, who captained Team GB in women’s volleyball.

Over the last eight years, UK Black Pride has built a successful identity as a grassroots-led movement of race, faith and LGBT groups and trade union community allies. It has put people and politics at the heart of celebrating pride in our LGBT community’s progress as the most effective way to fight for equality, inclusion and steadfast opposition to all forms of bigotry.

Speaking after the awards, which were hosted by Coronation Street’s Charlie Condou and the actress Sophie Ward, UK Black Pride’s Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, said: “It’s such an honour to have even nominated among these inspiring women who do so much to promote positive role models for out lesbian, bisexual and trans women in the workplace and society.

“This g3 and Out readers’ award nomination is an amazing tribute to the hard work of UK Black Pride’s volunteers who work every day in the heart of the LGBT community. We will continue reaching out to whole new sections of the community using our brand of entertainment and education. Watch of for our for our free-entry but ticketed love without borders event in Golden Square at this year’s London Pride on 29 June, and our wider summer of love activities.”

Andi Keeling from the award sponsors, Royal Bank of Scotland, said: “RBS is delighted to sponsor these awards because we understand the importance of inclusion and value difference. We recognise how diversity benefits our employees, customers and communities. Through our sponsorship, we’re trying to create change for the future. It’s not just about celebrating winners now, but about creating a cultural shift for the future and a legacy for the next generation.”


Notes for editors:

1. The full shortlist and winners can be found at: www.outg3awards.co.uk

2. For UK Black Pride media enquiries please email: bisi@ukblackpride.org.uk

3. For information on UK Black Pride and the events it will run throughout the summer visit: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UKBlackPride.org.uk


UK Black Pride Nominated for Major British Diversity Award

November 22, 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride


UK Black Pride has been nominated for a prestigious LGBT Community Organisation Award at The National Diversity Awards 2013.

The awards celebrate the excellence and inspirational achievements of positive role models and community organisations from across Britain. Nominees are recognised in fields of diversity including race, religion, gender, disability and sexual orientation.

Pav Akhtar, a Director of UK Black Pride, said: “Since 2005 we have worked from inside the African, Asian andCaribbeanlesbian, gay, bisexual and trans communities to reach out, engage, and build a more inclusive society. For a not-for-profit group like ours to be nominated is really humbling, as it is really a testament to the uncompromising support from Black and LGBT people and our allies.”

Winners of  The National Diversity Awards 2013, in association with Microsoft UK, will be announced at a glittering ceremony at The Queens Hotel,Leeds, on 20 September. The event will bring together Britain’s most inspirational people to honour the rich diversity of our nation, recognising individuals and community groups that have contributed to building a more inclusive and just society.

Among last year’s winners were friends of UK Black Pride: the gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, who won a Lifetime Achiever Award, and Black trade union activist, Zita Holbourne, who was recognised as a Positive Role Model for Race. The Anthony Walker Foundation, which was set up after the brutal murder of its teenage namesake in an unprovoked racial attack, was also a winner.

Big Brother host, Brian Dowling, and CBeebies presenter, Cerrie Burnell, will host this year’s event. Other high-profile supporters backing the event include Stephen Fry, Beverley Knight and Ade Adepitan, as well as Paralympic champion, Jody Cundy, and journalist, Amal Fashanu.

Microsoft UK leads a number of high-profile sponsors, including The Co-operative group, The Open University and Price Waterhouse Coopers, to support the largest diversity awards ceremony of its kind.

Theresa McHenry, from Microsoft UK, said: “The National Diversity Awards are a wonderful way to recognise the extraordinary contribution of real people to our communities. It’s a delight to be able to support this fantastic celebration of local heroes.”

Paul Sesay, Chief Executive of The National Diversity Awards, said: “If ever there was a time to celebrate and elevate the truly staggering diversity of talent the UK has to offer – it is now. I know another fantastic spectacle of role models will be delivered and recognised this year.”



UK Black Pride on International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO)

November 22, 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride

  • IDAHO celebrated annually on 17 May
  • UK Black Pride’s main event to be held in Golden Square, London, Saturday 29 June

UK Black Pride – Europe’s largest community-led, not-for-profit support group for African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people – welcomes the thousands of events taking place in more than 100 countries, including those were equality and human rights are not protected.

On 17 May 1990 the World Health Organisation finally took homosexuality off the International Classification of Diseases. It led to an international movement to commemorate the date every year as International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Many LGBT and human rights groups now mark the day with special events and awareness raising campaigns.

UK Black Pride’s Exectuive Director, Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, said: “The significance of IDAHO is not lost on those individuals and communities who UK Black Pride supports day in day out. The fact is that 1.5 billion people around the world continue to live in countries that criminalise same sex relations and love. Since it is widely accepted that people who have same sex attraction represent three per cent of the population, this equates to about 46 million people worldwide who are de facto outlawed and unable to live their lives as they wish,

“At UK Black Pride we believe that everyone should be free to love without borders, and no religious, cultural, clinical or legal reasoning can justify denying this fundamental human right.”

The eighth UK Black Pride festival takes place on Saturday 29 June in London’s Golden Square which is situated in the heart of Soho. From 12 noon till 8:30pm the free-entry but ticketed UK Black Pride event will boast a main stage packed full of live acts, supported by top DJs, a dance area, licensed bars, world food, community stalls, prizes and much more. UK Black Pride’s 2013 summer of love without border activities run from May to August.

UK Black Pride is proud to be a grassroots-led movement of race, faith and LGBT groups and trade union community allies. It shows that putting people and politics at the heart of marking pride in our LGBT community’s progress is the most effective way to pursue the fight for equality, inclusion and steadfast opposition to all forms of bigotry in every section of society.

Get involved:

There are many ways to get involved in making UK Black Pride 2013 a success:

  • Get your FREE ticket for UK Black Pride 2013. Visit: www.ukblackpride.org.uk
  • Become a sponsor of UK Black Pride. Email: pav@ukblackpride.org.uk
  • Have a stall in the community area. Email: beverley@ukblackpride.org.uk
  • Run a food and drink stall at the festival. Email: beverley@ukblackpride.org.uk
  • Volunteer as a steward at the festival. Email: beverley@ukblackpride.org.uk


UK Black Pride thanks the community for its success

November 22, 2018

Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride

The Board of UK Black Pride extends a big thank you to all sponsors, supporters, entertainers and volunteers who were involved in delivering an impressive seventh annual festival at the Ministry of Sound in London on Saturday 18 August.


Thank you

We are confident that all 1,500 LGBT friends and guests who joined in the day’s activities will agree that the event was a real success: from the outdoor barbeque and Cajun cuisine to the Caribbean rum punch and music from all corners of the world.

While the sun shone bright outside, the temperatures soared inside where the music played loudly from four stages that were packed full of uplifting performances from Black LGBT friendly artists and entertainers including singers, dancers, drag artists and comedians. The sense of Pride and belonging was exuded from every corner of the indoor space and courtyard where activists and guests mingled among the food stands and community information stalls.


The political voice – a hallmark of what Pride should be about – also underpinned every element of activity associated with UK Black Pride 2012 before, during and after the event itself. From supporting Stonewall’s research into the experiences of Black lesbian and gay people in accessing public services, to speaking at the TUC LGBT Conference on the need to decriminalise homosexuality across the Commonwealth, to working with community groups and providing free tickets for LGBT asylum seeker and refugee members to ensure their full participation in this event, the politics of Pride was loud, proud and present.


All the unpaid volunteers who have worked year-round to help organise UK Black Pride, with essential support and confidence from the rest of our community, ensured that UK Black Pride was not only a social occasion to celebrate within a safe space – necessary as this is – but also a family occasion that delivered a community event that was able to document and emphasise the continuing needs and aspirations of Black LGBT people, including the struggle for LGBT and racial equality and justice in schools, in workplaces and wider society, at home and abroad.

Guest Speakers

These aspirations were reflected in the guest speakers from LGB and T supporting community groups (Stonewall and the Runneymede Trust); the trade unions (PCS); politics (The Labour Party) and faith communities (Safra Project for LB&T Muslim women) who each contributed to the message that Black LGBT people need a strong civil society and statutory bodies to protect against cuts and any rolling back of the social agenda.


Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride

Community Stalls

The event was also attended by representatives from the National Union of Students; the Naz Project London; Love Music Hate Homophobia, and Justice for Gay Africans among countless other groups who set up community stalls packed full of information about campaigns and calls to action that are an integral feature of Black and LGBT peoples’ daily lives. From the trade unions to welfare and sports groups, from statutory bodies like the police and health authorities, to adoption, housing, community arts, and anti-cuts campaigns, there was something for everyone.

Young People

One 20-year-old guest at the event described her experience of UK Black Pride as: “So powerful. Until a year ago I could not have imagined that I, as a Pakistani heritage lesbian woman, would ever have the confidence to come out and be myself alongside so many others just like me. At the event I never once felt the need to justify my race, faith, sexuality or any aspect of what makes me who I am. That’s a powerful message to young women like me. I identify more strongly with a community and I feel ready to deal with anything because I know that I’m not alone!”

Public Recognition

Even the news – delivered one day before the event – that UK Black Pride had missed out on the Prime Minister’s Big Society Award for volunteering, the privilege of being nominated and the major plaudits won from the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, the Minister for Equalities, and Mayor of London, made up for this as it was clear that the event is making an impact on policymakers, as well as on the mainstream Black and LGBT community through media activity that included Diva; Gaydar, Gaystar news, Pink News, QX, Boyz, g3, Out in the City, The Voice and Time Out as well as a phenomenal presence on social media where the UK Black Pride hashtag and Facebook page received thousands of messages.


The need to address all incidents of racist and homophobic hate crime was also taken seriously and stringent health and safety checks, a robust risk assessment, helped to ensure that every eventuality was planned for and the safety and success of the event was assured. During this process, we also got support from Lambeth and Southwark Council, local Black and LGBT organisations including the LGBT Forum in Southwark, and the Metropolitan Police. UK Black Pride is proud to maintain a record of delivering the safest celebration of the lives, experiences and contributions of African, Asian, Caribbean and Arab LGBT people in Britain.

Throughout the event our guests also showed the best of our diverse communities and inspired people to stand up and challenge bigotry, to tackle fear and uncertainty as well as social and economic pain inflicted by cuts in the provision of vital public and voluntary sector services.

Thanks again

We thank everyone for your support at UK Black Pride 2012 and look forward to continuing the partnership in the months and year ahead.

Beverley, Bisi, Lila, Pav, Phyll
UK Black Pride Board


UKBP announces performers and speakers

November 22, 2018


Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride


Award-winning UK Black Pride – Europe’s largest not-for-profit event for African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean-heritage Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans people – is thrilled to announce our line-up for our 2018 festival, which takes place on Sunday 8 July in Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens.

Recruited from across the diasporas we represent, the UK Black Pride team has curated performances by performers that represent the ever-growing and influential creativity and innovation that keeps Black LGBT+ people at the forefront of music, dance, and art.

As a Black LGBT+ community we understand that lodged in our body is a collective trauma, from daily microaggressions, marginalisation to historical erasure that we carry with us, on our shoulders and faces. So, for Black LGBT+ artists, the UK Black Pride stage is hallowed ground. Here, we not only have an opportunity to relieve the tension of survival, but to realise the potential of our bodies, too.

Leading the UK Black Pride entertainment team is Mwice-Margaret Kavindele, founder of Cocoa Butter Club, and a vocal performance powerhouse in her own right. Mwice-Margaret said: “I have undertaken the task of curating the UK Black Pride stage personally and seriously because it is an opportunity for us all to see what bodies of colour are capable of and, in the current climate, understanding that we can be what we want is really cemented within us when we do this for ourselves. When an organisation as groundbreaking and important as UK Black Pride curates performances for the community it matters. The line-up has been chosen not only because each performer is talented, inspiring and captivating, but also because each reveals to us who we can be.”

Headlining the UK Black Pride 2018 stage are performers from across the diaspora, including Alicai Harley, said: “I feel that society’s attitude towards homosexuality has come a long way. However, there are still many barriers to be broken down in the Black and LGBT+ community. UK Black Pride is important in helping to eliminate many of the barriers that are still in place.

“Being a Jamaican girl that sings Dancehall music when Dancehall is associated with homophobia. I’m extremely excited to perform at UK Black Pride because it allows me to do my part to challenge that misconception, so I’m all for it!”


Joining Alicai Harley, as co-headliner, is rap artist Roxxxvn, and throughout the day, some of the best our community has to offer will take the stage to showcase their talent, including poet Staceyann Chin and drag performance artist FKA.

However, curating the UK Black Pride stage line up is not just about performances, it’s about providing space for the vanguard and creative agitators of our movements and allies, to amplify the work being done to help bring Black LGBT+ people forward and into the light. From the Labour Party’s Rt. Hon. Dawn Butler MP, who won Diva magazine’s Ally of the Year, to Jason Jones, the appellant who brought the landmark legal challenge that forced the Government of Trinidad to decriminalise homosexuality, the UK Black Pride stage promises to be a celebration of the sounds and activism that underpin the richness of the Black LGBT+ community, and those fights which continue for our acceptance and equality in society in Britain and abroad.

Phyll Opoku-Gyimah, UK Black Pride Executive Director, said: “I am really confident that the line up we have assembled for UK Black Pride pulls together some incredible talent, some of which may be a new or discovery for people. What I really hope is that people get chills listening to our speakers, hearing their story and identifying with their struggle. I hope people pound their feet on the ground, let out everything they’ve bottled up, and see the possibility and potential of our lives. I hope people are awestruck and inspired, liberated in the knowledge that they don’t need to be boxed into someone else’s idea of who we are and can be. That, in our experience is a glory that we continue to rise up and celebrate against every conceivable odd. We are beautiful. We are loved.”

The full line-up of performers and speakers is set out below. We look forward to seeing you at the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens, from 12noon to 9pm for UK Black Pride 2018.


Resulta ng larawan para sa united kingdom black pride


Main Stage

12:00 DJ Gen

12:45 DJ Kaspa

13:15 DJ G (Exilio)

13:45 DJ Kartel Brown

14:30 Hosts

14:45 Guest Speakers

15:00 DJ Kartel Brown / DJ Sensi

15:45 One Minute Silence and choir

15:50 Nawi Collective

16:00 DJ Traxx & Smoochie

16:45 King Dee

17:00 StaceyAnn Chin

17:10 FKA

17:15 BISHI

17:30 DJ Big John

18:00 Afro Swagg

18:10 Jessbelle Thunder

18:15 PJ Samuels

18:25 Saffron

18:30 Toya Delazy

18:45 Roxxxvn

19:10 Alicai Harley

19:30 Aaron Carty’s Beyonce Experience

19:50 UK Black Pride Team

20:00 DJ Biggy C

21:00 End



Moud Gouba & Pav Akhtar – UKBP Directors

Travis Alabanza – Performer and Trans Activist / Campaigner

Rikki Beadle-Blair – Writer / Performer & Educator



Rt. Hon. Dawn Butler MP (Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities)

Ruth Hunt (Stonewall, Headline Sponsor)

Linda Riley (DIVA, Headline Sponsor)

Gizden Akdur (Istanbul Pride campaigners from the Kurdish, Turkish, Cypriot LGBTQ Group)

Jaevion Nelson (Jamaican Federation of Lesbians and Gays)

Jason Jones (Decriminalising Homosexuality in Trinidad campaign)

Reeta Loi & Deepak Kashyap (Gaysians)

Albert Kennedy Trust – Speaker

Lady Phyll & the UK Black Pride team