Wolff does not underestimate Audi’s Formula 1 intentions


Audi will enter Formula 1 as a competitor and powertrain supplier from 2026

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is taking Audi’s entry into Formula 1 seriously ahead of its official debut in 2026.

During the Belgian Grand Prix weekend, the German brand announced that it would enter the sport as a power unit manufacturer once the new regulations come into effect.

He noted at the time that an announcement about how he would enter as a competitor and later confirmed it ahead of the Mexico City Grand Prix.

Audi will become a “strategic partner” of Sauber for 2026, with the Switzerland-based operation set to become the automaker’s works team.

“To begin with, I would never underestimate the Volkswagen Group, whether it’s Audi or Porsche, when they enter into such a project,” Wolff began.

“They have the financial strength, the know-how, the racing expertise to come up with a great project.

“And I think the marriage with Sauber is something that fits: it’s in Switzerland, it’s German-speaking Switzerland, it works in the same legislative environment.

“I absolutely have them on the radar – they are absolutely one of the teams that can be successful in 2026.”

Sauber operates the Alfa Romeo team and is known to be one of the few operations that operates below the Formula 1 cost cap.

Alfa Romeo is a title sponsor, which will part ways with the team at the end of the season.

It will remain powered by Ferrari until the end of 2025, when it will switch to Audi.

Wolff is a one-third shareholder in the Mercedes Formula 1 team, with the other two-thirds split equally between Ineos and Daimler AG.


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