Will Tesla’s ‘Optimus’ bot have a human personality? Will he be able to laugh at jokes? Here’s what Elon Musk has to say – Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA)


Tesla, Inc. TSLA unveiled during AI Day 2022, a prototype of the Tesla bot, dubbed Optimus, which it announced last year.

What happened: The prototype shown on stage walked and waved to the audience, with Musk saying it would be available to the public in three to five years. He suggested that Tesla is aiming for volume production, which will likely bring the cost of the bot to less than $20,000.

Tesla also showed video of Optimus performing simple tasks such as watering plants, carrying boxes and lifting metal bars at the Fremont plant. A more refined version, likely to go into production, could not work and had to be deployed on a platform. He should be able to walk in a few weeks, Musk said.

The Tesla CEO also called Optimus an “extremely capable robot that will have the ability to solve problems on its own.”

The bot is said to consume 100W while sitting and 500W while walking briskly, and is said to weigh 73kg. It would be powered by a 2.3 kWh battery positioned in its torso and would have actuators to drive its limbs.

“Optimus is a long shot. If it meets half of Musk’s ambitions over the next twenty years, it would be an important part of Tesla’s investment case,” Loup Funds said. Gene Munster said after the event.

When asked why the tendon-driven hand was chosen for the bot, one of the engineers said it was for anti-play, which helps avoid gaps or stuttering movements.

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Musk says Optimus will evolve: Musk chimed in and said the goal was to get robots to usefulness as quickly as possible. He also suggested that Tesla was open to changing technical solutions over time and was not in a reluctant zone.

“We’re trying to follow the goal of the fastest route used for robots that can be manufactured in volume,” he said, adding that it would be tested internally at Tesla factories.

As for whether Optimus will ever get a human personality and be able to laugh at jokes, Musk said Tesla would like to have really fun versions of the robot so he can perform utilitarian tasks while still being a friend and buddy to hang out with. .

“Once you understand the basic intelligence and the actors, you can actually put on all kinds of costumes,” he said.

Following the event, Musk said on Twitter that there would also be a “Catgirl” version of Tesla’s Optimus.

Tesla closed Friday’s session down 1.10% at $265.25, according to Benzinga Pro data.

Photo: Courtesy of Steve Jurvetson on flickr


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