Will Hamilton really leave F1?


After the dramatic title-clinching final round in Abu Dhabi, Sir Lewis Hamilton made very few public appearances. This, added to his long silence on social media, had people wondering if the seven-time world champion was really considering retiring from F1. Here are five reasons why we will still see the Brit racing in 2022.

record breaker

Above all, the idea of ​​breaking the record for the most world championships must be present in the mind of the Briton. The eighth title may have eluded him in 2021, but the thirst to rewrite the history books is undoubtedly there. With the most poles, the most podiums and the most podiums in F1, there is certainly a focus on capping off his achievements with championship success too. The upcoming regulations present an opportunity for greater competition by helping to tighten the pack. With this, Hamilton can still grow and extend his career by learning and improving, in order to stay on top of his game.

The platform

In recent years, the driver had become a strong advocate for change within Formula 1. His success at the top of the series allowed him to win over a large audience. With this, the Briton shaped his brand image, allowing issues central to him to become public and addressable to such an audience. Climate change, promoting veganism, racial equality and other social justice issues were high on her list, with charitable giving and commissions set up through her passions. His other creative endeavors have also sparked interest, with fashion and music becoming a growing interest for the seven-time world champion. Thus, Hamilton was able to use his followers to develop his other products and pursue his goals in the world.

The series of problems that would arise from his decision would severely affect the German manufacturer. This would mean that the contract signed by Hamilton would become null and void, which means that the direct bonuses given at the start of the two-year contract would not be reimbursed as they wanted in his expected tenure. While the contract could be renegotiated for an early release, that wouldn’t be the most ideal of decisions. Above all, it would be the painful loss of a partnership that had been so successful, both on and off the circuit. Winning 81 races together saw the team and driver become the winningest group of the turbo-hybrid era. Business deals resulting from the presence of high performers and incredibly skilled people in the media would end prematurely, without the pomp of retirement and looking back on their accomplishments.

Driver market

In the short term, an impossible task would be given to the Mercedes F1 team. Filling a seat recently vacated by a seven-time world champion at such short notice is an almost impossible task. Reserve drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Nyck De Vries are available to fill the seats in a situation where the regular drivers are unable to fulfill their racing duties. However, receiving a full-time call-up for even one season would inadvertently affect the Mercedes EQ team, for which the two drivers compete in Formula E. Creating major ripples in two world championships would cause an unforeseen amount of difficulty for the German brand. , the two racing series and the FIA. Theoretically, Bottas could be recalled from his time at Alfa Romeo, but that would rather negatively affect the Swiss team, no matter how big the contract payment.

Internal daemons

Leaving F1 would be a knee-jerk reaction. It would destroy the years of hard work, time, money and dedication he and his father, Anthony Hamilton, put into the sport. His greatest accomplishments, victories and feats have all come from running. While the Briton has other interests and passions, leaving prematurely would rob him of something he has enjoyed for so many years in his life. It’s in the mentality of a competitor to take some of their toughest defeats, then learn and build on them. If Sir Lewis Hamilton left now, there would only be regrets on his side. Seeing his career on his terms and in his own success is the ideal path, which he no doubt wishes to achieve.

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