We are fully behind Millen and the team will be the pride of Carlisle United


Keith Millen, left, and David Holdsworth

David Holdsworth says the Carlisle United The hierarchy are ‘fully behind’ manager Keith Millen – and believe the Blues can put together a team that ‘will make the club proud’.

The Football Director’s comments come at a time when the Cumbrians are fighting for their lives in the Football League.

United host Swindon Town today aiming to improve on their third place in League Two after seven games without a win.

Holdsworth made his first public comments on the situation in a two-part post on the club’s website.

He spoke about the January transfer window and expressed his confidence in Millen and his injured team.

“They have to work hard on the training ground and find the formula that will bring the points,” he said.

“We are fully behind Keith and once the new players are fully settled in and some of the injured players are back, we believe we will put a team there that will make Carlisle United proud.”

On United’s predicament, two points above the relegation zone amid growing concerns over their EFL status, Holdsworth added: “Let’s be clear, I don’t want this club anywhere near where they were then. , or where it is now.

“That’s why every manager gets as much backing and support as we can give them, with players, recruitment, operational details, all sorts of things.

“The players they want and the training and organization they do is up to them, and we’ll be behind them in every decision they make, if it’s for the good of the club.”

Holdsworth has been criticized by fans over United’s struggles this season.

His current comments are his first in public since a press conference last October. This time, his remarks are limited to official United channels.

Holdsworth added of Millen, “The board recognizes the vast experience he brings to his role, and we all know that he and his staff are fully aware of what they need to do.”

Speaking about transfers, the director of football said: “I don’t get too involved in the process of identifying [of players] – my role is to do what I can to get the deals done so that they work for the club and for the manager, his staff and his team.”

He said he felt United “were in the right place” at the end of the January window, but the Blues’ series of injuries at Salford on February 1 had disrupted an established team.

“You can plan what you think are all the possibilities, you can add options to the team, like we did, but you can never plan a scenario like that,” he added. .

Speaking of some players, Holdsworth said defender Dynel Simeu was an early target in the window as United beat competition to bring Omari Patrick back to Brunton Park.

Carlisle signed five players on transfer deadline day, but Holdsworth said: “I know the last day of any window can feel like a rush for those watching as it unfolds. takes place, but the deals that are announced at the end of the day are often the result of a lot of hard work that lasted all day, or for days or even weeks.

“Keith also has a process where he wants to make absolutely sure it’s the right person. He wants to speak to each individual, once cleared by the club they’re at, to talk about their plans and where they fit in. he sees the player fitting in.

“The most frustrating part may be the paperwork, as everything has to be perfect, but we were delighted to have managed to secure the offers we had in place for Keith.”

Holdsworth was also asked about United’s scouting network and replied: “What we realize is that every club is structured differently. Some have staff in roles that others don’t, and that depends on what works best for your club.

“Every position has a financial cost, and that’s part of what you factor in when you look at squad numbers and things like that.

“Ideally, as part of the process, you would want staff to assess a player in real time, and you would also want the manager to have him monitored, but if that can’t be the case, there are plenty of ways to do that. know as much as you can about your targets as you work to get them.

Holdsworth also said things got “difficult” for United when signings made under Chris Beech last summer failed to lead to successful performances.

“Players were brought in based on a style, and it didn’t work,” he said.

“I had many discussions with the manager back then in pre-season about how he wanted to change the way we play.

He cited the example of Zach Clough as someone who Beech believed would have a positive impact. He has since left for Adelaide United after a disappointing spell at the Blues.

“We wish him great success in Australia, and we certainly wouldn’t criticize him because it didn’t work out here, that’s how football is sometimes.”

The full interview is on United website.


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