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Lucknow: a 2 km stretch of the river gomti crossing the city was covered with a carpet of water hyacinth due to the collection of effluent discharged by the sewers during the monsoon. The situation has worsened due to water stagnation as the Gomtinagar Irrigation Department dam cut off the flow of water for treatment and recycling for domestic consumption.
The flow is also impeded by two temporary dams in the 8 km stretch from Pucca Pul to Gomti Barrage. These dams were constructed to control the water flow of the Gomti Riverfront. However, the project was suspended following allegations of scam and a CCR investigation is ongoing. Now these weeds are threatening the operation of the dam by blocking the entrance in addition to harming aquatic life.
Experts have said that this is a permanent problem for the Gomti after every downpour and needs a lasting solution.
Ecologist and Professor of Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Venkatesh Dutta, said the sewage discharge has high nitrogen and phosphorus content which creates favorable conditions for water hyacinth.
“In a study in 2018, we found that oxygen levels in Gomti had dropped to 1.2mg per liter from the norm of 4mg/liter due to hyacinth and sewage. Such a condition is fatal for the flora and fauna of the river,” he added.
professor of geology at UL Dhruv Sen Singh, a river expert, said: “The sustainable solution is to check the discharge of sewage into the river and maintain its natural flow.” Officials also said three machines have been deployed to clean the hyacinth. “The section between Nishatganj and the dam is almost clean, while works are in progress between Ghaila and Daliganj bridge,” said PK Singh, manager, CMLgarbage removal service.


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