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New Delhi: Vedanta Aluminum Business, India’s largest producer of aluminum and value-added products, grabbed the top spots in the Perform, Achieve and Trade (PAT) II cycle of the Indian aluminum industry.

The Perform Achieve and Trade (PAT) program is a regulatory instrument deployed by the Ministry of Energy, to reduce specific energy consumption in energy-intensive industries with an associated market-based mechanism to improve profitability through certification of excess energy savings, which can be traded.

Among aluminum foundries in India, Vedanta’s subsidiary, Bharat Aluminum Company (BALCO), secured the coveted first place with the highest energy saving certificates, followed by Vedanta Jharsuguda Foundry I. Vedanta Alumina Refinery in Lanjigarh, ranked number one producer of alumina. An alumina refinery is a plant where bauxite is refined into aluminum oxide or alumina, and an aluminum smelter is a plant where aluminum is produced from alumina. These achievements testify to the solid efforts of Vedanta Aluminum in favor of energy conservation for the sustainability of the company and the environment.

Speaking on Vedanta’s energy management, Rahul Sharma, CEO of Vedanta Aluminum Business, said: “Being India’s largest aluminum producer, our goal at Vedanta Aluminum is to be the best in all facets of the business, including environmental, social and governance (ESG) sustainability. Maximizing energy conservation and minimizing the carbon footprint are two key pillars of our sustainable business development agenda. A three-pronged strategy to ensure wise use of resources, energy-efficient operations and renewable energy supply helps us pursue our goals of energy sustainability and climate action. To this end, we have adopted global best practices in energy and resource management, and deployed leading-edge solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. “

Energy management is at the heart of Vedanta Aluminum’s climate action roadmap and materializes through dedicated efforts to achieve the highest operational efficiency of assets and processes. These include impactful initiatives for optimizing specific energy consumption in production processes and a long-term focus on migrating to a low-carbon energy mix.

Prafulla Behera, Site Manager of IGSEC Heavy Engineering Ltd, which is the operation and maintenance partner of the Lanjigarh power plant, adds: “Thanks to our engineering and expertise in the field, we have worked with Vedanta on their energy efficiency and energy sustainability. We are proud to play a pivotal role in Vedanta’s journey to become a forerunner in energy conservation and ensure maximum energy optimization in its world-class refining operations.

Vedanta’s alumina refinery, aluminum and aluminum smelters and power plants have been forerunners in energy management among Indian manufacturing sectors. Some notable initiatives and highlights:

– Vedanta Aluminum was India’s largest buyer of green energy in the first quarter of FY22, having purchased 354 million units of solar and non-solar renewable energy for its aluminum smelter in Jharsuguda.

– Vedanta Aluminum Business has considerably reduced the intensity of its GHG emissions by 21% with 2012 as a benchmark, and aims to reduce it by 24% in 2025 compared to the same benchmark.

– Climate action initiatives in all business units have saved 1.4 million GJ of energy and reduced GHGs by 0.32 million tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) over the course of of fiscal year 20-21.

– Vedanta’s aluminum smelter in Jharsuguda is the first Indian smelter and the third in the world to deploy Digital Smelter Solution, which uses digital twin technology, predictive and prescriptive analytics to improve energy efficiency.

– Jharsuguda foundry is also one of the first aluminum foundries in Asia to receive ISO 50001 certificate for energy management system.

– BALCO Vedanta subsidiary in Chhattisgarh, achieved the lowest specific energy consumption in its Potline-I in 2020, which is among the best in India and in the Gulf countries. A cell line is a long building, or set of buildings, located in a foundry and contains a series of “pots”, or large electrolytic cells, in which the smelting of aluminum is carried out.

– Vedanta Lanjigarh’s specific energy consumption has decreased by more than 23% over the past five years, making it one of the most energy efficient refineries in the country.

– Vedanta’s “Carbon Forum” is actively working to guide the implementation of the company’s carbon mitigation approach.

Vedanta Aluminum Business, a division of Vedanta Limited, is India’s largest aluminum manufacturer, producing half of India’s aluminum, or 1.96 million tonnes in fiscal year 21. It is a head of manufactures value-added aluminum products that find critical applications in basic industries. With its world-class aluminum smelters, alumina refinery and power plants in India, the company is fulfilling its mission of stimulating emerging applications of aluminum as the “Metal of the Future” for a greener future.




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