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Back to the future

Vintage hairstyles are getting a modern reboot, say capital cut and color gods

“The ‘flob’ harkens back to those androgynous’ 90s styles,” says George Northwood, the head of loose hair. “A classic box bob, the same length all the way around, shapeless in the front and styled with a subtle wave, this is a look that we have more and more requests, probably because of Kaia Gerber who rocking. ” It’s not the only retro style that’s making a comeback. “We’ve also seen a surge in demand for 1970s styles – think Farrah Fawcett movies, statement bangs and Debbie Harry’s layered bob. It’s relaxed and cool styles that make a big statement nonetheless: just the kick in the arm that many of us need after 18 monotonous months. ‘

Color wise, there is also a 1970s slant in the warmer tones we will go for. “The assertive blonde is still huge, but we’re going to take inspiration from the fall leaves,” says Harriet Muldoon, Larry King’s “color queen”. “Think pumpkin latte and golden tones, and warm roots to your highlights. For dark strands, explains superstar colorist Josh Wood, “cherry black is like black red for hair – beautifully tonal.” A sexy, smoky brunette is another shade you’ll see a lot – great for keeping dark browns from turning rusty orange.

Hot or not

Introduce the cold season with a scent to match the cold … or a scent that will warm you up. It’s up to you

Tauer L’Air des Alpes Suisses

Tauer L’Air des Alpes Suisses


Yes, it’s the air of the Swiss mountains, bottled. Fill your lungs with green herbs, the clean, mineral scent of granite, a hint of alpine lily and earthy woods. £ 105 for 50 ml.

Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge

Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum Rouge

/ Givenchy

Bold florals topped with blood orange, ginger and chili leaves for a dose of spicy heat that will get your blood pumping. £ 75.50 for 50 ml.

Retinol, the next generation

Bakuchiol was the first plant-based ingredient that promised all of the skin-perfecting power of retinol without the irritation. Now, new “phyto-retinols” follow in its wake. Smoother, plumped, firmer skin is promised in three months. Thank you, Mother Nature.

REN bio-retinoid youth serum


Liz Earle Superskin Alt-Retinol Booster

/ Liz earle

Lucy Bee Anti-Aging Vitamin A Eye Serum

/ Lucy Bee

Main settings

London’s most wanted skin clinicians continue to bring novelty

Face Slim & Sculpt by Dr Sophie Shotter does what it says on the tin, using fat-dissolving injections to reduce double chin, clinically proven Meder Skincare slimming face masks, and optional jaw sculpting with dermal fillers. Two to six sessions are needed, as needed, six to eight weeks apart. From £ 900 per session.

Laser specialist Debbie Thomas is branching out with DNA Revive, a seriously plumping and brightening procedure for delicate areas prone to fright, such as under the eyes, chest and hands. Using a 0.6mm three-pronged “nano” syringe, a mesotherapy solution containing 52 skin nutrients and thirst-quenching hyaluronic acid is injected between the layers of the skin, where it will stimulate the skin. collagen production and will provide instant glow and long lasting hydration. £ 250 per session; three are recommended.

Home and dry

We love dry shampoo for a hundred reasons, but its scalp-clogging residue isn’t one of them. So the smart living proof bods invented Dry Shampoo Perfect Hair Day Advanced Clean. Blow the silicone-free powder into hair and scalp, wait 30 seconds, then brush or shake to remove product and all traces of dirt, sweat and odor. It also contains conditioning and anti-pollution ingredients, to keep hair soft, protected and full. It’s the end of washing hair as we know it. £ 23.

Beauty dust

Beautiful skin from the inside has become a national obsession, making beauty pills, potions and gummies in droves. Blends of powdered vitamins and adaptogenic herbs are the newest (and most absorbing) way to complete your path to a pretty face – just sprinkle in your drink or during your breakfast to have it all. look and feel epic (apparently).

Top of the skin-from-interie charts

/ Seana Redmond

Shanti Hair, Skin and Health Formula

Ashwagandha, blackberry powder, amla and other balancing Ayurvedic plants for body and soul in single-dose sachets. £ 40 for a one month supply.

Cultivated Alchemist Cell Repair

Key minerals, antioxidants, and astragalus root to stimulate fresh tissue production and protect existing tissue from free radicals. £ 59 for a 20 day supply.

First aid for problem skin

Superdrug launched the nation’s first pharmacy and skin care counseling service, making clinical help for moderate acne and eczema a darn more accessible sight for all of us. In-house pharmacists have been trained to provide support and advice, and can suggest the correct cosmetic care as well as a number of prescription-only skin care solutions.

Meanwhile, in the dermis world, Dr. Stefanie Williams has developed a cleanser for adult women prone to rashes and rosacea. Delo Rx Hybrid Cleaner (£ 85; delorx.com) deeply cleanses without irritation while protecting and healing aging skin with salicylic acid, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. And Dr Sam Bunting has added a one-time treatment to his lineup: Perfect Neutralizing Gel (£ 28; drsambunting.com) combines salicylic and azelaic acid with bakuchiol for a triple stain-resistant (but non-irritating) threat.

Get your (re) filling

Cutting-edge skin care brands reduce, reuse, recycle… and refill your precious potions to reduce the (sips) 120 billion units of packaging the industry produces each year. Leading the way are these innovative schemes.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

/ Seana Redmond

Skingredients 03: Skin protein

Skingredients skincare now comes in an external pump dispenser lifetime container with your fully recyclable, airless cream or serum tube. Once you’ve used it, you throw it away (in recycling, obviously) and insert a refill. It is a system that keeps the active ingredients fresh and potent. £ 49, top up £ 44, at cultbeauty.co.uk

Emma Lewisham Brightening Cleansing Oil

Emma Lewisham’s All-Natural Skin Care lets you put at least four of her empty bottles, jars, or refills in a box to send to them for free. The brand will reuse or recycle them through specialists such as Terracycle, ensuring this is done responsibly. £ 46, top up £ 42 (emmalewisham.com)

UpCircle Beauty Night Cream with Blueberry Extract

Completely recyclable, you can now also refill your UpCircle skin and body care products. Buy products from his “Return + Recharge” collection and benefit from a 20% discount and a Freepost return label; they will be sterilized, filled and returned to you free of charge. £ 18.99


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