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During her career, Taylor Swift has released a ton of top music. She was nominated and won hundreds of rewards. Between the releases of his classic hits such as “You Belong With Me” and “Blank Space”, remixes of his songs have been offered to the world and I’m here to tell you they are amazing. Here is a ranking of some of these remixes and why they are simply the best:

Similar to ELVIRA’s remix of “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)”, I can absolutely imagine myself having a good time dancing to this song. However, for daily listening, the added EDM instrumentals might be too much.

12. “You Must Calm Down – Clean Bandit Remix” by Clean Bandit

“You Need To Calm Down” is an iconic song, especially considering the number of people who have signed a petition in favor of the adoption of the Equality Act because of the music video. The only reason I miss the Clean Bandit remix a bit is because of Swift’s voice distortion, but otherwise I have no complaints.

11. “… Ready for this?” – BloodPop Remix “by BloodPop

There is a special place in my heart for reputation because of how it differs from all of Swift’s other albums. “… Ready for this?” Is a great song but this remix alters the angst of the original a bit.

10. “Everything Has Changed – Remix” with Ed Sheeran

“Everything Has Changed” is one of my favorite feel-good songs from Red, and the remix feels like a stripped-down live version of the song. I am obsessed.

9. “Love story (Taylor version)” by ELVIRA

If I was at a club and “Love Story” started playing, I can confidently say I would be over the moon. However, for those who may not be big fans of Taylor Swift, the remix of ELVIRA’s song would be perfect.

8. “You’re Not Sorry – CSI Remix” by Taylor Swift

In 2009, guest Taylor Swift starred in a episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and lent his musical talents to the show. The “CSI Remix” changes the angry tone of “You’re Not Sorry” into a sad, heavy tone, making it perfect for a mysterious murder.

7. “Délicat – Seeb Remix” by Seeb

Seeb’s “Delicate” remix takes a cooler song and pumps it up by picking up the tempo. This remix would make anyone want to get up and dance, just like Swift does in her music “Delicate” video.

6. “Wildest Dreams – R3hab Remix” by R3HAB

Before Swift could surprise fans with “Wildest Dreams (Taylor’s Version)” on September 17, R3HAB remixed the original version. It’s perfectly dreamy and I’m going to get down to my desk while waiting for R3HAB to remix Taylor’s version.

5. “willow – trendy 90s remix” by Taylor Swift

While the song has some added EDM instrumentals, this remix sounds like it should be on the soundtrack of a ’90s rom-com; I imagine Molly Ringwald driving around at sunset and the end credits flash on a big screen as I listen to it.

4. “Willow – moonlight witch version” by Taylor Swift

As the title may suggest, this remix paints a different picture than the original. It’s that of dancing around a bonfire on an autumn night and it’s really magical.

3. “willow – dancing witch version” by ELVIRA

Bold and menacing, this version of “willow” adds spice to the original single. I’m in love with every Swift song willow (the witches collection).

2. “Lover – First Dance Remix” by Taylor Swift

When I first heard “Lover” I predicted that there would be a large number of Taylor Swift fans who would use it for their first dance or to walk down the aisle at their wedding. This already romantic song is even more romantic in this remix and it is perfect.

1. “Willow – lonely witch version” by Taylor Swift

The vibrations of this remix are absolutely impeccable. I was waiting to listen to this song and the rest always during the fall season since its release last December. The few days of real fall temperatures in Athens did not disappoint.

What I find most remarkable about remixes of Taylor Swift songs is that I don’t skip them as much as I do with remixes of songs from my other favorite artists. In recent years in particular, his remixes have been a step up from the already excellent ones. I’m more than excited to hear alternate versions of new projects, but for now I’ll be listening to my new “Taylor Swift Remixes” playlist (you can also listen by scanning the Spotify code at the top).

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