To beat the gasoline worth blues, merchants take ox carts in Tamil Nadu, Power Information, ET EnergyWorld

Chennai: Small merchants and businessmen within the outskirts and neighboring villages of Chennai have began utilizing their discarded ox carts to move items and items to the capital.

Anandan Muthunayagam (31), a small dealer who does enterprise in peanuts, is now an everyday on ox carts. He beforehand used a mini-truck to move items to Chennai.

Muthunayagam instructed IANS over the telephone: “I’ve a mini-truck that I’ll eliminate quickly if issues occur this fashion. I used to be spending over Rs 550 per day on gasoline simply once I used the mini-truck for transporting items. items, however now, with my outdated ox cart, my bills have dropped to Rs 150, which is the price of feeding the oxen. “

Whereas there have been an untold variety of protests in Tamil Nadu organized by the associations of truckers and automobile drivers, the motion taken by Muthunayagam is real as he’s unable to afford the price of gasoline for his automobile.

Muthunayagam stated, “We won’t save something if we use the mini-truck. However with the ox carts in place, we will a minimum of have one thing to eat on the finish of the day.”

Rajamanikyam, a small onion dealer connected to the Koyambedu market, instructed IANS: “A few of my buddies and I now use ox carts to return from the village to the Koyambedu market. I purchase onions from the market and promote them somewhere else. use my ox cart for transport. There was an enormous drop in bills since I began utilizing the ox cart. “

Chennai just lately witnessed a commotion by the Truck House owners Affiliation which had organized a protest with a number of vehicles and some ox carts. Whereas this was a symbolic protest, the tactic adopted by Muthunayagam and Rajamanikyam caught the eye of townspeople.



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