The village council takes care of the garbage collection to keep the area clean


The HOUSES of Kampung Giching in Sepang, Selangor do not benefit from the refuse collection service of a local authority.

For this reason, people have turned the roadsides of the traditional village into illegal dumping grounds.

To solve the problem, the village community management council (MPKK) hired a private contractor to collect garbage from each household three times a week for a monthly fee of RM30 starting this month.

MPKK secretary Azlee Ismail said the local council provided a garbage collection service to 22 housing estates around the village, except for the traditional village which was not under its jurisdiction.

“However, to prevent the accumulation of garbage, Sepang City Council has placed communal bins at Jalan Haji Jumani, Jalan Haji Borhan, Jalan Haji Omar and at the village mosque,” ​​he said.

However, bags of garbage were still dumped by the side of the road.

“By right, residents should bag garbage and throw it in those common bins, but they throw the garbage anywhere they want,” Azlee said.

He said people were also throwing away loose trash such as sofas and mattresses.

“It got to a point where unsightly garbage piles were part of the landscape. It was horrible to see such a spectacle while driving on the village roads, ”he said.

He added that the council’s trash cans – which would be cleaned by the state-appointed KDEB Waste Management System (KDEBWM) – were intended for household garbage only.

The village chief, Azlan Abd Rahman, then went house to house in the village which had 100 houses to pitch the idea of ​​private garbage collection.

“We were able to convince 40 of the 100 homes to sign an agreement with MPKK, stating that they accept the garbage collection service and will honor the monthly payment,” Azlan said.

Everything went well except for the tenants who wanted the landlord to pay the monthly fee of RM 30.

“The tenants said they were only renting, that they should consult with their landlords to see if the RM30 fee could be deducted from the monthly rental rate. “

Azlan was confident that every household would soon sign up for the service after seeing their neighbors’ garbage being picked up.

The local company Gerak Telus Maju is responsible for providing the service and collecting the monthly fee.

Its general manager Redza Rahmat, a villager with 10 years of experience in waste disposal, said he had appointed a village elder to facilitate the fee collection process.

He added that his staff would also be on the lookout for unscrupulous and non-paying villagers who drop their waste outside the homes of their neighbors who have paid.

To maneuver the narrow roads of the village, a three-ton roll-on roll-off truck is used to collect garbage.

“We start at 6 am and the collection of quotes can be completed in two hours.

“The waste will be sent to the Tanjung Dua Belas landfill,” Redza added.


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