The garbage piles rise higher



The rubbish heaps, a major city landmark, grew further as the health workers’ strike entered its third day on Wednesday.

Health workers demand payment of wages into their accounts, rather than through their immediate bosses who keep some of the money to be paid to the sweepers.

Besides the sanitation staff, other low-level employees of the local government department face the same bossy officers.

“Our only demand is that our wages be paid online by the Treasury. If the wages are put online, our strike will end,” union leader Zulfiqar Shah told the Express Tribune.

Due to the ongoing strike by local government workers in Sindh since Monday, the condition of the city has deteriorated dramatically and huge piles of rubbish and rubbish can be seen all over the streets.

The Sindh government, instead of just accepting the sweepers’ request, hired a Chinese company to do the cleaning work. The outsourced company, however, does not have the machines to transport the garbage due to the workers’ strike.

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Local government employees of the Pakistan Local Government Workers Federation (ALGWF) across Sindh are protesting for online payment of their wages from the Treasury and are unwilling to accept any other options. The employee delegation also had talks with local government secretary Najam Shah, which were unsuccessful.

Local government workers, especially those in charge of sanitation, went on a large-scale strike, which resulted in the halting of garbage collection in Sindh, including Karachi.

The strike has been going on in Karachi for four days as a result of which piles of garbage have piled up in various parts of the city causing a smell of grime and filth everywhere.

In Karachi, more than 9,000 health workers are on strike and they have also locked 1,300 garbage collection vehicles.

Karachi generates 14,000 tons of garbage per day, but the garbage has not been collected for four days as a result of which piles of garbage have started to form. The Chinese company started yesterday the garbage collection which, according to sources, could only collect 4,000 tons of garbage per day.

Sources said the Chinese company has 300 garbage collection vehicles, while a massive operation is needed to clean up Karachi. If the strike continues like this, there is a danger of an epidemic in the city.

Posted in The Express Tribune, December 2sd, 2021.


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