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NEW YORK – Greek-American entrepreneur, actor and model Gregory Cole and his business partner Michael Perris, the creative team that helped launch successful fragrances Romance by Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors Fragrances, Marc Jacobs Perfume and Tom Ford Black Orchid, are on the rise on occasion with The Bubble Collection – their own brand that is now causing a stir on Indiegogo. MANE, one of the world’s largest flavor and fragrance companies, and Camille McDonald, FIFI award winner and fragrance industry legend, join them on this journey.

“The genesis of this passionate project took place after I returned to New York after celebrating my 50th birthday in Santorini, I could still smell the scent of the Aegean Sea as I unwrapped my clothes,” said Gregory Cole, co- founder and CEO. “In fact, shortly after I got back I was stuck in a hot subway car in Manhattan in mid-August, and if you’ve been to New York in the summer you know how brutal it can be. I remember putting my hands up to put on my headphones to listen to some cool music and while I was doing that I could still smell Santorini on my shirt sleeves. I was instantly transported to my Santorini bubble and that’s how the Bubble collection was born.

Wander Bubble Santorini is one of six The Bubble Collection fragrances available on Indiegogo and is already proving to be the brand’s bestseller.

The national herald

Bubble Collection fragrances. Photo: Michael Perris

“Bubbles have always been a delicious part of our lives… blowing bubbles, celebrating with bubbles, relaxing in a bubble bath,” said Michael Perris, co-founder and CCO. “We love bubbles, but they are often overlooked. Like bubbles rising, we decided to raise the bubble for the first time as an ambitious lifestyle fragrance brand. “

“Our scents are like bubbles – sexless, ageless, limitless,” Cole said. “Plus, they’re clean, vegan, and cruelty-free, and we’re proud to be certified as such by PETA and Leaping Bunny.”

“We incubated The Bubble Collection because we believe in Michael and Gregory and their innovative concept,” said Birgit Benayoun, Vice President Fine Fragrance, MANE. This confidence in The Bubble Collection continues as MANE will be the exclusive manufacturer of the brand’s fragrances.

Team member Camille McDonald jumped at the opportunity to be included. “When we gave Camille our elevator pitch, she stopped us halfway and said that she not only wanted to be a consultant but also be on the board,” Cole said. “Now it’s a vote of confidence! “

“Bubble Collection’s marketing plan to connect with subscribers, which we call Bubblers, through tools such as a podcast, online magazine and 360-degree virtual reality videos is revolutionary in the fragrance industry” McDonald said.

The national herald

The fragrances of the Bubble collection include Wander Bubble Santorini. Photo: Michael Perris

This innovation can be seen on the brand’s Indiegogo page, where in addition to purchasing the brand’s six fragrances, unique experiences like a champagne lunch at the Baccarat hotel and a VIP weekend at the Carlyle, a Rosewood hotel , can be purchased.

“Reaching our financial goal of $ 50,000 will ensure The Bubble Collection reaches limitless heights with future product innovations, engaging with our bubblers and giving back, because after all, planet Earth is our bubble,” s exclaimed Perris. “Let there be bubbles!”

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