The “ big stick ” on the road wraps around the car wheel

The dead python lodged behind the spokes of the car’s front wheel hub in Pattaya early Friday morning. (Photos by Chaiyot Pupattanapong)

PATTAYA: A motorist who thought he was riding a big stick on a dark road was then shocked to find a big python tangled in his front wheel.

Surasit Suwathana, 38, said he was driving on a local road around 2:30 a.m. Friday.

He saw what looked like a big wooden stick crossing the road. He was afraid to stop and pull it out because it was late at night and the road was dark.

So he decided to ride on it, and there was a big bump and the car shook while he was doing it.

He later heard loud noises coming from the front of the car and had to stop to see what the problem was.

While investigating, he was stunned to see a python lodged tightly behind the spokes of the right front wheel.

He called for help. They decided the snake was dead, took the wheel off and took it out. The python was over two meters long.

Passers-by who stopped to look quickly took photos of the car’s license plate, hoping the numbers would win a lottery prize.

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