Store and dispose of hazardous chemicals safely


NORFOLK, Va. – If you’re planning on doing a spring cleaning, keep in mind that there are chemicals around the house that shouldn’t be thrown out.

Keep Norfolk Beautiful, part of regional organization, held a collection event on Saturday morning for residents seeking to dispose of paints, cleaning solutions, gardening chemicals and other hazardous waste .

“People can’t put these items in the blue bin or the green bin,” said Sarah Sterzing, education manager for Keep Norfolk Beautiful. “It will seep into our water supply system and our groundwater.”

Sterzing says is currently in the midst of its Great American Cleanup effort to clean up communities across the region, with collection events like Norfolk’s planned everywhere.

But she’s also quick to point out that most cities and counties offer disposal services year-round.

“Look on your city’s website or call your city’s call center,” she suggests.

But even before disposal, Sterzing says there are methods to keep hazardous waste safely contained and out of harm’s way.

“The most important thing is to make sure they’re locked up. You don’t want children or pets near these items,” she told News 3. “Try to figure out what you actually need. Don’t overbuy.”

Click HERE for hazardous waste collection events scheduled in our area. has information about the city’s collection programs throughout the year on its website.


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