Stink Studios rebrand pays homage to Webdings pre-emoji fonts


Throughout the rest of the identity, the design is “simple” and “straightforward” and features only system fonts such as Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Courier. “If you write something in bold all-caps Helvetica, you better mean it,” says Olimpio. “Around 2018, we did a few pitch presentations in this style – minimal, almost undesigned, no custom fonts or colors, and very direct and unapologetic – in order to highlight the most powerful ideas in our work. ” The studio once again leaned into this style for the rebrand, this time incorporating the early web aesthetic, after realizing the connection between the two “looks”.

Default elements, such as fonts, also appear on a new website and brand book, aiming to “exhibit” the way Stink Studios “think and make,” says a case study. The rebranding also marks Stink Studios’ 10th anniversary.

On the challenges of creating Stink Dings, Dinamo designer Erkin Karamemet and his assistant Gregor M. Sahl explain: “As a typographer, there are always situations where you have to deal with new character shapes. In this case, however, it was something special. The inspiration and origin of the Stink Dings are very familiar to computer users – almost legendary. While Stink Dings gives “the impression of very freely interpreted characters,” different from “corporate icons that follow simple logic,” Erkin and Gregor explain, the formula is complex and multilayered. “We found it very exciting to merge the illustrative aspects with the criteria of the type design process.”


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