ST.ROSE fragrances are where you will find your next signature scent

I discovered ST. ROSE perfume in Venice, Los Angeles. This is the exact place where you would expect to find someone wearing the intoxicating scents, what-they-wear-I-need them, so it’s normal that one of the little ones painfully cool shops be the dealer where I discovered the brand.
Each scent is unique in that you feel like you’ve smelled it before, but not like THAT. They have that head-turning factor that we all look for when looking for our signature scent. From the mysterious Gypsy Cowboy (heady rose mixed with scorching wood) to a personal favorite, the cool and lived-in Circa 91, these are scents designed to become your ride-or-die favorite.

We spoke with ST. ROSE founder Belinda Smith on her brand. Born in Australia, she now resides in America, where ST. ROSE was created.

Why did you start ST. PINK?

The ST. ROSE’s journey began from my own experience as a consumer looking for something I couldn’t find. As a lifelong perfume lover, discovering a space at the intersection of cleanliness, awareness and luxury made me go from client to founder.

Until I start ST. ROSE, I have spent my career working in both luxury and high-end fashion, fueling my curiosity for the behind-the-scenes journey a product takes before hitting the sales floor. The world is realizing the need for better environmental practices at all levels and especially now as a brand founder it is my responsibility to operate a conscious business. As a child of the land, from my earliest memories of living on a property outside of a small country town in New South Wales, Australia, I have always lived a very conscious, so it was also a very natural inclination to root ST. PINK in durability.

This word has not always been associated with the concept of luxury, but we take an uncompromising approach, refusing to sacrifice concern for the environment with sophistication or quality. From ethical sourcing at origin, to the use of recyclable packaging, to launching an in-house recycling program and ethical practices throughout our supply chain, our range of fine fragrances sophisticated truly lives at this intersection where luxury meets environmental responsibility.

What makes perfumes unique to others in the market?

For ST. ROSE, our first priority is always to start from a palette of ingredients that uphold our philosophy of “Good for you, good for the Earth”. The origin story of our raw materials, from the farm, is an essential source of inspiration for the final essence. In addition to having a strict list of ingredients to work from in our clean, skin-safe formulations, we are also committed to ingredient transparency – by sharing all of our fragrance ingredients with our customers, which is still very new to the industry.

When it comes to personal care and beauty products, my own philosophy is that whatever we put on our skin is either absorbed or thrown back into the ocean. For ST. ROSE we have chosen to work with an emphasis on natural products, preferring their rich olfactory quality, our fine fragrance compositions contain on average more than 97% natural ingredients and more than 80% organic ingredients. Working with natural products can in fact be at odds with the environment if harvesting principles and the supply chain are not managed in a sustainable manner, making traceability of raw materials imperative. & Leaping Bunny Certified. Our sophisticated compositions are free from BHT, phenoxyethanol, parabens, phthalates, nitro or alicyclic musks and artificial colors.

Where does your inspiration come from?

Each of our fragrances leaves something that inspires me and that I also want to wear personally. I find inspiration in so many places – travel, art, nature. As a private label with sustainability and transparency at the heart of the creation process, there is always a big discussion about the ingredients, where they come from and making sure they are gentle on people and the planet. Often times, the notes themselves inspire both mood and essence during the creation process.

From fresh woods to florals to spicy woods, we really have something for every palette in our collection, but each one stays true to the ST. Signature ROSE – a convergence of thoughtful luxury infused by nature with a rebellious side rooted in the cultures of our two homes between Australia and New York. During the creation process, I like to work on mood boarding with images, colors, textures that shape the idea of ​​this perfume that I have in mind. I also love working with music, the other invisible art form, creating a playlist to help express the vibe and energy of the essence of the composition. Music has always been a constant in my life and the greatest source of inspiration. Originally I just shared them with the perfumer to help guide inspiration, but now we also share them on our website so customers buying online can get a feel for the personality behind the scent.

CIRCA 91 – 1991 was the year my family moved from a property near the peaceful town of Warren, located on the Macquarie River, New South Wales, USA. From my early years roaming the wide open playground right outside my backdoor (which cultivated my love for nature as well as a fascination with the aromatic essences of Earth’s plants and botanical flowers) to the culture shock of descending from an airplane into a strange new world, I knew I had to have a 90s throwback in the collection. The 90s, in all their rebellious splendor, are at the origin of unisex perfumes. Our Circa 91 is an ode to this growing decade with a modern and faceted depth that begins with a fresh citrus accord that then plunges into a mysterious woody base.
DESERT NOMAD – also a favorite kid of the collection because of the way it was inspired and the intent behind it. Named in honor and with the permission of our friends on our sandalwood farm, the indigenous Martu community, whose ancestors are the last known nomadic people living in Australia’s vast central desert. It’s also quite a magical, earthy and sensual scent with our sandalwood as its heart and soul. Vetiver and palo santo are mixed in the base, bringing an extra smoky note with a slight dry tone. Spicy notes of pepper and ginger add complexity and depth while clary sage adds an elegant trail of amber tobacco.
You can find ST. ROSE perfumes here.

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