Ryan Gosling joins TAG Heuer as Carrera Watch Ambassador


TAG Heuer is the partner of many well-known watch enthusiasts, from Naomi Osaka to Jimmy Butler at Super Mario. Okay, Mario doesn’t really wear a watch, but this array of talents is a testament to TAG’s inherent appeal.

Today, another big name joins the TAG Heuer family: Ryan Gosling announced his very first brand partnership with the LVMH-owned watchmaker.

Not just with a watch imprint, notice: this title of TAG Heuer Ambassador is the first time that Gosling has endorsed a company’s product so publicly.

Much like with his famous collection of humble cars, Gosling knows what he loves about watches and doesn’t stray far from it.

Normally sport gosling a vintage Rollie, probably because there is nothing contemporary to match his famous and clean taste.

Apparently everything changed once he got his hands on TAG Heuer’s Carrera line.

Gosling will pick up that specific TAG style from now on, with a focus on the Carrera Twin-Time date which is at the heart of TAG’s updated Carrera Three-Hand collection.

“So many things are actively trying to distract you now, it’s easy to lose track of time,” Gosling said. “That’s actually one of the reasons I wear a watch. I like to be reminded that time is running out.”

Perhaps the Carrera’s legacy is part of what piqued Gosling’s interest. TAG has been producing the line since 1963, quite close to the era of the watch that it usually rocks.

And, he’ll now have 13 different models to choose from when he glides over a daily driver.

On the other hand, being a fairly low-key guy, Gosling also gets the straightforward appeal of the Carrera. No frills, no fancy stuff, just a nice, readable watch.

“I appreciate its timeless design,” continued Gosling. “I like the clean, simple design in general. Growing up we lived on a pretty tight budget. I turned to simple and timeless things so I didn’t have to think about following the trends.”

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