Pinellas County Government: Elsa’s Warnings and Advice After the Storm


July 7, 2021

Latest developments regarding incidents

Pinellas County is no longer subject to a hurricane warning, but the gusts continue and residents should exercise caution when leaving their homes and especially avoid driving on flooded streets.

· Pinellas County teams are working to assess the damage; so far only minimal damage has been reported.

· Public shelters must close before noon.

Pinellas County Response / Action


The county information center remains open until 3 p.m. today. Call 727-464-4333 or send an online chat to

Pinellas County Animal Services are closed on Wednesdays and will be open during normal business hours on Thursday, July 8.

Pinellas County Solid Waste is closed Wednesday and will be open for debris removal Thursday July 8 at 6 a.m. Public Works teams will not pick up debris at the curb. Do not mix yard waste with garbage and do not place it in bags. For more information visit Pinellas Waste Solid waste recycling Guide from A to Z.

-The Home Electronics and Chemicals Collection Center (HEC3) will be open Thursday, July 8 at 7 a.m.

Advice and information for residents


-Never drive in standing water.

-Avoid fallen or dangling electrical wires.


-Document damage to your home or public spaces by visiting

-If your home or business has been flooded, BEFORE CLEANING, watch the following video to understand how to document flood damage in Visit to understand how to start a flood insurance claim.

-9-1-1 only for reporting life-threatening emergencies – not damage or power outages

-Residents can report power outages to

Sand bags

-For sandbags that have not been in contact with flood water, residents are encouraged to keep the sandbags and store them for reuse. Sand can be spread on lawns or used in landscaped beds. If residents choose to dispose of the sandbags, they are asked to place the empty bags in their garbage for disposal and not in the recycling bin.

-Residents are asked not to throw away full sandbags or sand with their household garbage or garden debris. The sand will not burn and will not be converted to energy in the county’s energy recovery facility. Sand is abrasive and will damage equipment used to crush yard debris into mulch.

-To find out where to throw the sand, visit Pinellas Waste Solid Waste Recycling Guide from A to Z.


-Clean the most dangerous conditions first, such as broken glass.

– Use caution when removing fallen trees

Generators and Stoves

-Do not plug portable generators into household electrical outlets.

-Place generators and propane stoves outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. They produce carbon monoxide, which you cannot smell and which can be fatal.

-Plug the devices directly into the generator.

– Conserve generator fuel by limiting the use of the device to the essentials.


– Get updates on Hurricane Elsa recovery efforts by visiting, Facebook @PinellasCountyNews and Twitter @PinellasCoNews, search for the hashtag #PCElsa.

This press release was produced by Pinellas County Government. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.


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