Phillips Collection Becomes First East Coast Furniture Manufacturer to Adopt Outdward’s Aperture Platform


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SAN JOSE, CA. – In an effort to reduce costs and create a more efficient product photography process, Phillips Collection adopted the Aperture platform from Outward, Inc., an independent Williams-Sonoma, Inc. company and pioneer in visual technology for the furniture industry. As the first major East Coast furniture maker to use the Aperture platform, Phillips Collection has seen a dramatic increase in productivity, which it attributes to the platform’s technology capabilities and ease of use. .

“We’ve only been using the platform for two months and we’ve already seen a huge difference in our product photography,” said Jason Phillips, vice president of marketing and sales at Phillips Collection in High Point, Carolina. du Nord, and an award-winning furniture designer responsible for the look and feel of the Phillips brand and product line. “Outward has really given us an improved workflow. The speed with which we can get products photographed and available for purchase online has improved dramatically and has resulted in significant savings. »

With two full-time in-house photographers, as well as contracts with multiple graphic designers in Europe and Asia, “we take our photography and the look of our brand very seriously,” Phillips said, comparing the brand’s aesthetic to that of the trend. – set up lifestyle retailers. “Outward’s automated solution has helped us further enhance the look we want to achieve in a variety of ways,” Phillips said.

“For years, we had two full-time photographers on our team who just photographed silos, and it was very expensive,” Phillips explained. “We also have graphic designers in Romania who are paid by the hour to clean up our images, and we already know that we will eventually be able to put an end to these investments of time and talent with Aperture. In terms of exploitation, the flow is better.

Since e-commerce is a core part of their business, Phillips is very particular about how their products are displayed online, which Aperture Platform has already helped to improve.

“We have to take pictures of our products and they have to be in the same direction and from the same angle, which is very important to me,” Phillips explained. “Like other furniture companies, we have to photograph our products and place them against white backgrounds, which is all Outward can do. We have 4,000 reproducible pieces of furniture, but we also have a lot of unique items – tables living and one-of-a-kind onyx bowls – which we refer to as “one-of-a-kind products. Each must be photographed and posted in the same way as any other product we sell, and while each item is slightly different, we always take the time to create an image of each.

Streamlining the process allows Phillips Collection to focus its in-house photographers on more lifestyle and editorial photography, while silo costs are reduced by more than 90%.

“While most furniture companies spend between $200 and $500 for a single product shot, the Aperture platform costs less than $10 per shot after all,” Phillips said. “Another plus is that it shoots in 20 different lighting settings, so afterwards I can make the shadows look sharper or less distinct.”

Phillips installed the Aperture rig in February, with help from Outward’s team of professionals, who came to High Point to complete the rig installation and train employees.

“The Aperture platform has settled in seamlessly and everyone on my team has really embraced it,” Phillips said. “Anyone can do it. You just need to be savvy enough to use technology, at the most basic level.

“With the Outward team training session, I felt comfortable enough to handle a wide range of items,” said Ben Stanley, a Phillips Collection photographer who catalogs new inventory and uses actively the Aperture platform. “He was able to handle everything we threw at him. Additionally, it freed our team to focus on branding and marketing, which would normally cut hundreds of images per week. It quickly became our workhorse and now supports most of our products.

“We’re only scratching the surface of what Outward offers. I can’t wait to start using virtual environments,” said Phillips.

Outward, Inc. is a visual transformation and technology company. Since 2012, the company has been reinventing the way product photography is created, presented and consumed. Inspired by its extensive experience working with retailers and home furnishings manufacturers, Outward has developed a fully automated photography solution, the Aperture Platform, that makes it easy to produce and publish high-impact product photography. for a variety of visual merchandising uses. After completing an initial training session, manufacturers and retailers of all sizes and skill levels can produce high volume product images at the push of a button and publish them in any format, from e-commerce to traditional media. Outward is an independent Williams-Sonoma company. For more information, visit


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