Pep Guardiola and his most enduring side ahead of Manchester derby


Aat the head of the long-awaited Manchester derby at Old Trafford this Saturday 6 November, City manager Pep guardiola spoke about his passion for electric vehicles, sustainability and the electrifying atmosphere of a Manchester derby while participating in a stunt with Nissan to light up the streets.

Commenting on the need to a more sustainable future, Guardiola said: “We have to try to make the world a better place for the next generation and I think electric cars are a huge step forward in terms of durability. When you first taste one (an electric vehicle), it’s hard to go back. I’ve driven one for the past two years and it’s great. “

On the first Manchester Derby to play in front of fans in two years, Guardiola said: “Football arouses emotion, but emotion drives football. At the end of the day, all we are looking for is to give emotion to people, because that emotion is then returned to the players. . It’s unique. “

In appointment with former Formula E champion S̩bastien Buemi, Guardiola was behind the wheel of the new all-electric Nissan Ariya SUV, while Buemi drove a modified Formula E car covered in electroluminescent paint Рwhich, thanks to the sensors in his gloves, reacted to his level of excitement and dynamic driving. .

The Swiss driver was pleasantly surprised by Guardiola’s passion for electric vehicles – “I’m not sure I would have believed him in the first place but he (Pep) really drives a LEAF and loves it. He was telling me he’s loading the car in the parking lot when he gets to the training ground. It’s true that electric cars are peaceful and very easy to drive. The fact that you can charge them more or less anywhere is really cool. “

The stunt was designed to demonstrate the thrill experienced by drivers behind the wheel of Nissan all-electric vehicles.

Football fans will expect an equally exciting experience Manchester derby at week-end – City enter the Premier League’s third game, five points from the top, with United manager under pressure Ole Gunnar Solskjaer looking to continue his side’s recovery after a 5-0 beating at the hands of Liverpool in October.


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