Parks transformed into dumping grounds in district 22 of Chandigarh


Like most urban areas, residents living in Ward 22 of Chandigarh Municipality also have a plethora of complaints, including poor cleanliness, clogged sewers, and inadequate parking space, but their pet peeve is that parks are transformed into dumping grounds.

The neighborhood, comprising sectors 31, 32 and 33, has enough public parks, but most of them are not well maintained.

Sector 31 was part of Ward 22, while Sector 32 was in Ward 21 and Sector 33 was in Ward 16. Sector 31 is largely maintained by the Indian Air Force. Although the sector has around 2,000 voters, MC has very little role in sustaining it. Residents of the other two areas say councilors in their neighborhoods are mostly unreachable and less concerned with issues in the area.

Jagdish Singh Sarpal, President of the Residents Welfare Association (RWA), Sector 33, says: “Our sector has at least four dirty points. These areas were either reserved for parks or were vacant lots, but have turned into dumping grounds over the years. The sweepers also dump the garbage collected by the side of the road here. Residents are adding to the pile of trash that is building up by throwing out construction waste even though city company officials turn a blind eye.

He added that some people even illegally encroached on certain areas of public parks, causing inconvenience to residents.

Paras Kumar Goyal, Vice President, RWA, Sector 32, said: “Although Sector 32 has sufficient facilities, it needs better maintenance. Door-to-door garbage collection in the area is spotty and garbage collectors sometimes skip going up to the first and second floors, causing inconvenience for elderly residents. We want the next municipal councilor to look into all these issues and also bring development projects. “

Residents add that the sewer lines also need to be cleaned, as most of them are clogged. Green belts need immediate pruning, and facilities such as public toilets and drinking water facilities also need to be upgraded.

Ashwani Kumar Khanna, President of the Market Welfare Association, Sector 32, said: “The biggest problem facing the residents of Ward 22 is inadequate parking space. The markets have random parking lots due to which these remain crowded with vehicles. MC needs to bring multi-level parking so that the problem can be solved. The new councilor needs to interact with the public in order to get a feel for what the residents really want. ”

Know your parish

Localities: Sector 31, 32 and 33

Reserved for women

Electors: 20,000

Key questions:

• Clogged sewers, poor sanitation and garbage dumped on the roads

• No parking space in the markets

• Public facilities such as parks, toilets require regular maintenance

Local voices:

The neighborhood has insufficient parking spaces, especially in markets. The MC should build a multi-level parking lot on the vacant lots to alleviate the problem.

Ashwani Kumar Khanna, President, Market Welfare Association, Sector 32.

Sector 33 has at least four “dirty spots”. These areas are parks and wasteland, which now serve as dumping grounds. Even MC sweepers throw garbage here.

Jagdish Singh Sarpal, President, Resident Welfare Association (RWA), Sector 33.

The roads plunge into darkness at night because the lampposts are out of order. In addition, the market lacks parking space. Rajdev Gupta, resident, sector 32

Door-to-door garbage collection in the area is not up to par. In addition, sweepers do not properly clean roads and inland tracks, resulting in piles of trash on the edges of the roads.

Narinder Sharma, resident, Sector 33.


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