Opinion: Anjali Gill from Victorinox talks about fragrances and sustainability


Victorinox is at the forefront of sustainable fragrances, says Anjali Gill, fragrance category manager, who describes the sustainable practices of the Swiss lifestyle brand in this guest column.

In this guest post, Hill Anjali Gill, Fragrance Category Manager at Victorinox, discusses how the Swiss lifestyle brand is demonstrating leadership in the world of sustainable fragrances, from sourcing of ingredients to packaging to logistic.

2020 has been a year of resetting, change, uncertainty and, for many, a year of reflection, writes Anjali Gill. After spending much of the year at home, consumers began to prioritize their well-being, which sparked renewed interest in scent and the role it plays in perfume. influence of our emotions.

The data clearly shows that the pandemic has had a positive impact on perfume sales. However, this has also sparked a shift towards greater sustainability within the fragrance industry, with more consumers opting for natural fragrances and non-toxic ingredients. Based on fragrance type, the natural ingredients segment is expected to grow at the highest CAGR of 4.3% from 2020 to 2027 (Allied Market Research).

Sustainability has been an essential part of Victorinox’s corporate philosophy since the company was founded over 130 years ago. At Victorinox, in addition to quality, our key criteria in product design and development are recyclability of materials and packaging, energy consumption and transport distances.

When it comes to fragrances specifically, all Victorinox fragrances are made in Switzerland from product development to production, using high quality and sustainable ingredients and packaging.

The Journey of Senses: Victorinox unveiled its new line of perfumes at the first Virtual Travel Retail Expo last October

Relaunch of the fragrance and future improvements

Now more than ever, consumers are just as concerned about how a fragrance is made and packaged as they are about how it smells and feels. In response to the new direction in the fragrance industry, last year we relaunched our entire fragrance collection for the first time in 15 years. To usher in this new era, we have combined our Swiss roots with a stronger brand appearance and product identity while improving sustainability and product presentation. The new range is presented in eye-catching Victorinox packaging with a strong statement and an attractive look. Introducing a narrative approach, the new fragrances consist of two lines: the Heritage Collection and the Signature Collection.

The new fragrance strategy is perfectly in line with the values ​​of the Victorinox brand in terms of quality, innovation, iconic design and the associated Swissness. Several sustainable development initiatives support our quest for exceptional quality and constant innovation in the fields of fragrance formulation and packaging. All Victorinox fragrances are developed in collaboration with fragrance experts and continually improved in terms of durability to ensure excellent quality, as well as unique positioning in combination with our iconic design language and ultimate Swissness.

Victorinox combined its Swiss roots with a stronger brand appearance and product identity while improving durability and product presentation for the refreshed fragrance line.

All Victorinox fragrances are made in Switzerland from product development to production

Typical Swiss hero ingredients

At Victorinox, we are transparent about the ingredients used in our fragrances and ensure that they match our Swiss history. All Victorinox fragrances are inspired by Swiss nature and take the consumer on a journey to Switzerland. In addition, in all new developments there must be a hero ingredient in the formula which is closely related to Switzerland.

For example, Forget Me Not, which launched earlier this year, is inspired by the shameless, raw, yet fragile beauty of Swiss nature and the forget-me-not flower itself. The authentic scent of the forget-me-not flower has been captured with headspace technology while leaving the plant unharmed.

Another upcoming fragrance from the Victorinox Signature Collection is inspired by woods from Swiss forests and Victorinox wooden knife scales. It will launch in April 2022 and make its fragrant debut with refreshing lemon interwoven with warm, comforting notes of Swiss walnut wood and tree moss absolute. Swiss walnut wood is sourced from the local Muotathal lumber factory and rebuilt without extracting anything from nature.

Forget Me Not is composed of vegan ingredients of natural origin and entirely produced in Switzerland. It comes in a sleek glass bottle and lilac carton with a burgundy interior and bottom accents.

Natural vs synthetic ingredients

The natural vs synthetic debate has been widely publicized, not only in perfumery but throughout the beauty industry. Natural and synthetic ingredients should be considered on a case-by-case basis. The most important thing to consider is each specific ingredient and the ecological impact of its production. In certain circumstances, synthetics can act as alternatives to ingredients that cannot be extracted from nature due to overexploitation, natural disasters or environmental impacts.

Whenever possible and reasonable from a sustainability standpoint, Victorinox formulates a new fragrance from renewable ingredients. However, some renewable ingredients, including some woods, are harvested from the wild. In this case, Victorinox replaces the natural ingredient with recycled ingredients or reconstitutions of perfumes, as this leaves nature intact and therefore is the most sustainable approach.

It goes without saying that Victorinox opposes animal testing. Therefore, all fragrances are considered cruelty-free and Victorinox guarantees that all new products contain only 100% vegan fragrance oil. Going forward, Victorinox strives to reduce allergens commonly used in fragrance production in order to further differentiate ourselves from its competitors and underline our clear commitment to clean fragrances.

According to a TFWA study, 71% of travel retail buyers would see their purchasing decision affected by a product with sustainability credentials, so there is a clear benefit for the industry to place more emphasis on sustainable products and brands.

As part of the fragrance relaunch last year, all primary and secondary packaging has been adapted. Where possible, plastic elements, unnecessary ornaments and aluminum decorations on the folding boxes have been removed, in order to make the packaging more easily recyclable. The guiding principle of Victorinox is “as much packaging as necessary, but as little as possible”. Much of the packaging used to protect products can be recycled, up to 90% of cardboard packaging is made from recycled paper and 100% is made from bleached chlorine-free paper. The inks and finishes we use do not contain solvents or heavy metals. This applies to all of our products and channels, including travel retail.

Ultimately, each of us has a role to play in challenging our own organizations to take better care of Earth’s resources and to lead broader conversations across the travel industry on the planet. how we contribute to a happier and more sustainable world. way of life. At Victorinox, we can proudly say that we are at the cutting edge of technology.

Victorinox’s guiding principle for packaging optimization is “as much packaging as necessary, but as little as possible”

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