Now if you throw garbage in Open in Gwalior, Bhajan singers will come to your house, sing “Ramdhun”


Taking action after falling behind in this year’s national cleanliness rankings, Gwalior’s civic body decided to adopt a new way of playing “Ramdhun” (chanting Lord Ram’s name) in front of people’s homes if they are found throwing garbage in the open.

The move to send Bhajan singers to sing Ramdhun is aimed at making people ashamed of their act of littering the roads and encouraging them to cooperate with the administration to keep the city clean. But if people continue to flout the standards even after that, then those violators will be fined, a senior official said.

“Civic organization sanitation workers do door-to-door garbage collection in vehicles. But several people still dump garbage in front of their homes, on roads or in public places, said Gwalior Municipal Corporation (GMC) commissioner Kishore Kanyal. He said that these people will be invited and warned as a first step to throw their household garbage in vehicles managed by GMC.

“But if they don’t improve, then a group of Bhajan singers will be sent to these houses to recite Ramdhun. Even if the situation does not improve, they will be fined, “he said.

Kanyal said that in the past week, the GMC fined traders and households Rs 5 lakh for dumping garbage on the roads. The company will lead a campaign to ensure 100% door-to-door garbage collection in the city with the help of the population, he said. In the national cleanliness survey, Gwalior has slipped to 15th position this year from 12th last year.

Indore, Madhya Pradesh’s largest city, took first place in the country’s cleanliness survey for the fifth time in a row, while the state capital, Bhopal, took seventh place this year.

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