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Sandeep Rana

Chandigarh, October 11

After the road sanitation works in the southern sectors, the cleaning and maintenance of the rear service roads will now be in private hands.

With the problem of neglected alleys cropping up time and time again, the municipality has for the first time decided to outsource the work.

The community will call on a private agency for the maintenance and cleaning of the service roads, located behind the houses in sectors 1 to 30. The sewer and water pipes are laid on these service roads. , which are located between the rows of houses.

According to the call for tenders launched by the civic body, the cleaning and maintenance of the rear lanes must be ensured at all times. Collection vehicles should be compartmentalized for construction and demolition, horticulture and municipal solid waste. Photographic evidence must be produced by the contractor and the entire process must be operationalized by November 15.

It was decided to monitor those who dump waste or debris in these ways. The Medical Officer of Health (MOH) wing will issue intensive challenges against residents found littering these pathways.

Residents say some households regularly dump trash, horticultural waste or debris, which sits dumped for weeks before being cleaned up. “Rain makes the problem worse. The alleys become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and cause foul smells, which makes our lives difficult,” says Mandeep Singh, a resident of Sector 19.

A resident of sector 21-B laments: “A mound of sand was dumped in one of the service roads in our sector. But no action is taken. In addition, a number of vehicles are parked in another lane. The MC should regularly inspect the area and challenge violators.

Start work before November 15

  • Private agency to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of the alleys located at the back of two rows of houses in sectors 1 to 30
  • Compartmentable collection vehicles for construction/demolition, horticulture and municipal solid waste
  • The contractor must operationalize the entire process by November 15 and provide photographic evidence to MC
  • The Medical Officer of Health’s wing will ask households found litter in these lanes

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