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It’s almost Christmas and as everyone prepares for the holiday season there’s a chance to step into the garden and enjoy Murray Bridge Council’s free green organic waste days.

On Friday December 3 and Monday December 4, the rural town of Murray Bridge allows taxpayers to drop off their clean waste at the Brinkley Recycling and Transfer Station.

On these days, the transfer station will be open to take green waste such as grass clippings, leaves and prunings free of charge for people with proof of address.

Acceptable items may include clippings, leaves, pruned branches and small branches up to 100mm in diameter.

Loads will be limited to trailers up to 8ft x 5ft inclusive, but unlimited tours are permitted on open days.

Items that are not acceptable include pallets, artificial turf, hard waste, and declared weeds and plants including bamboo, olive, poplar, rose, blackberry, kikuyu, and sofa.

People using the free drop-off service will have to unload the green waste themselves.

Unacceptable green waste can be disposed of at the Brinkley site for a fee or placed in curbside green organics collection bins where the material is treated differently.

Filing days are subject to state and federal government pandemic advice and everyone must adhere to social distancing requirements.

For more information or for hours of operation, contact the Brinkley Waste and Recycling Facility on 8532 6385 or email or [email protected]

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