Kohler’s New VES Showerhead Could Save You 40% Water


If a sudden surge of water-drinking guilt has interrupted your warm, soothing showers more times than you can count, we have a quick fix that will clear your conscience: swap your showerhead for the Statement Shower Collection The newly launched VES, which made its debut at the annual kitchen and bath industry show earlier this month. The system includes a sleek showerhead and handshower with a 0.5 GPM (gallons per minute) break from the typical 2.5 GPM (in other words, it allows you to temporarily reduce the flow). Use it wisely and the fixture could help you save at least 40% (!) of your water consumption, notes the brand.

And don’t worry: your showering experience won’t be any less satisfying, thanks to Katalyst Air-Induction technology, which guarantees larger drops that retain heat and also provide strong coverage. So even though you’re technically bathing with less water, you won’t feel cold or less clean because of it.

Photography by Kohler

Not only will this simple tweak help you retain more raunchy joy and money (goodbye, expensive utility bills) while simultaneously conserving H2O, but it will give your bathroom a fancy new look. The shower head’s minimalist design – a ring fitted with nozzles around the edge – is available in polished chrome, matte black and brushed nickel. Although not yet live on Kohler.com, it is available for order at Kohler Signature Stores and Experience Centers. Who says a spa-worthy space can’t also be sustainable?


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