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People who are planning to go to Elbow Public Beach for Christmas Day are “asked to exercise caution and common sense, follow health rules to stay in your little ‘bubble’ group and stay in your little ‘bubble’ group. ‘Help keep Bermuda beautiful by using the trash cans. “

A KBB spokesperson said, “Over the past decade, the Christmas party at Elbow Beach has become a family tradition for many. But last year was different. There was a pandemic raging and the stairs to the public beach were ruined by a hurricane, so people stayed home.

The crowds at Elbow Beach on Christmas Day in 2018:

“A few may have ventured to other beaches. This year conditions have improved somewhat. The stairs have been rebuilt, but the pandemic and health regulations are still with us. Still, it’s reasonable. to expect some families to pack a cooler, put on a Santa hat and hit the beach on Christmas morning.

“In anticipation of many small groups wanting to use the beach, several actors in the neighborhood are helping behind the scenes to provide secure parking, additional trash cans and reminders to follow health regulations. The Coral Beach & Tennis Club will allow people to park on the Horizons property. St. Paul’s Anglican Church volunteers will help with the free parking. Any donation to the church will be gratefully accepted.

“KBB will put dozens of additional garbage cans on the beach to collect all the picnic debris. On Boxing Day, KBB volunteers will return to the beach to carry garbage bags and trash cans up to the steps leading to the parking lot.

“There has been up to a ton of garbage resulting from beach goers on Christmas Day over the past few years. Most of the waste is glass bottles or aluminum cans which can and should be recycled. The Parks Department garbage collection team will truck the bagged garbage so that the beach can become pristine for the remainder of the vacation period as quickly as possible.

A KBB spokesperson said: “Christmas Day at Elbow is Bermuda’s closest thing to a ‘Leave No Trace’ event, which is all the more surprising since there is no real hosts or organizers. Beachgoers have shown great respect for the beauty of Bermuda, and when there are a lot of trash cans, no one throws out trash. The Parks Department can’t be expected to do everything, especially during the holidays, so KBB and volunteer volunteers stepped in to help. “

“People planning to go to Elbow Public Beach on Christmas Day are urged to exercise caution and common sense, follow health rules to stay in your little ‘bubble’ group and ‘Help keep Bermuda beautiful by using the trash cans.

“If the trash cans are full, take your trash home. Park safely at Horizons. Come back the next day and take part in KBB’s Boxing Day cleanup from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Everyone is invited to do their part to have a safe, healthy and happy vacation. “

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