Jefferson County SLASH Helps Reduce Forest Fire Danger


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Reduce the danger of forest fires and protect your property with Jeffco SLASH: sustainable land and safer homes.

Jefferson County again hosts slash drives throughout the summer where you can drop off tree debris and other organic material. The 2021 slash drive will take place every weekend at various locations across Jefferson County from June 5 through October 31.

What can be brought to a Jeffco collection

Slash includes tree debris and branches up to eight feet in length and up to six inches in diameter. You can also bring loose pine needles, tree bark, and pine cones.

What is not accepted

We cannot accept items such as household garbage, tree stumps, metal of any kind, rocks, yard waste / grass clippings, building materials and lumber. From this year, we no longer accept paper or plastic bags. All bagged material should be emptied into the collection pile.


A single load will cost $ 20 and only credit cards will be accepted. A single load is a full truck bed up to the height of the truck cab or a trailer up to 8’x5’x4 ‘. If your load exceeds these parameters, you will be charged additional charges accordingly. The fees help offset the costs of processing equipment, personnel and keep the program sustainable so that it can continue for years to come.

Why participate and bring us your slash?

Keeping debris cleared and thinning trees is vital to healthy forests. Our forests have evolved with fire. The fire wiped out dead, diseased or dying trees to make way for younger, healthier trees. However, with humans moving through forested areas, we now need to help Mother Nature and clear our forests to reduce the spread of diseases, beetles and other pests – and most importantly, reduce the potential for devastating forest fires. .

Removing the slashes and creating a defensible space around your home is the first line of defense against wildfires. You can create zones around your house, removing all combustibles, such as tree debris, in the first zone, closest to your house. This is not only important to your property, but it also means being a good neighbor, which reduces potential risks to the entire area. You will find great advice on how to protect your home and property on the Jeffco Sheriff’s Risk Mitigation Page and to FireWise website.

This spring and summer, make an effort to clean and remove debris from your tree. Then be sure to bring your slash to one of the collection sites. Visit the SLASH web page to find the location closest to you.

Matt Robbins is Jeffco’s Community Connections Manager


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