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Janet Museveni, the First Lady and the Minister of Education (PHOTO / File).

KAMPALA – Ugandan First Lady Janet Kataaha Museveni has joined the Kampala Capital City Authority-KCCA’s call to residents to make the city the most beautiful city in Africa.

In a dossier she released to young people on Friday, Museveni, who is also Minister of Education and Sports, expressed interest in transforming the city of Kampala.

“If you work with KCCA, you set up a program and mobilize all your colleagues to beautify Kampala, to make it the most beautiful city on the African continent as it can be, with greenery, flowers and clean buildings. .

The Kampala Smart City initiative, which aims to improve garbage collection and management in the city, was launched on March 28, 2021 by Ms. Dorothy Kissaka, Executive Director of KCCA.

The initiative also involves round-the-clock garbage collection and better enforcement of waste and garbage dumping regulations.

Ms Museveni revealed that with this initiative, Kampala could thrive with good offices and clean buildings so that tourists don’t find ugly photos of Kampala instead of going away envying Ugandans living in the garden. ‘Eden.

In the early 2000s, her daughter Pastor Patience Lwabogo joined a “Kampala the City of God” campaign to pray for the transformation of the city which was facing high crime and broken infrastructure.

Ms. Museveni’s full address

To those Ugandan young people and children who decided to call me Maama by choice.
I hear you calling yourselves “guys”, well today I want to tell you that I love you guys!

I’ve been praying lately that God in His goodness will give me a way to reach you, especially at this very difficult time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a while I was puzzled as to how I could reach a critical mass of you to dialogue about life like I did with the generation that I believe is now the young parents of the children. educated.

So recently I celebrated my 73rd birthday and on this special day I was overwhelmed by the blessing of love and the many messages and wishes saying, “Happy Birthday Maama!”
It was through this incredible gift on my birthday that God in His goodness spoke to me and said, “There is a way to reach the children of Uganda! I cried for joy because I realized that God never fails. I realized that these social media which have become known to spread fake news, hate messages, abuse and lies can in fact, by the grace of God, be used in earnest to teach healthy knowledge to guide our children to live for the purposes of God. and lead them to fulfill their destiny according to God’s plan.

Therefore, this is my first communication with you in what I hope will become our weekly dialogue. Today I will start with the topic – Patriotism
The dictionary definition of patriotism is “love for one’s country and the will to defend it”
Well you are young and now you can say of course I love my country but what can I do to defend it? Here is my answer, yes you are young and defending your country does not always mean going to war. Defending your country now in your case is doing whatever you do to uplift your country, make it proud, make others envy your country etc.

Let me give you some examples;

If you are a student you would work very hard in school because you want Uganda to be famous for its great work on school nights during COVID-19.

If you work in an office you will ensure that the office you work in is kept clean, the department you serve is known to excel at delivering services. The whole establishment hears about your exemplary ministry, so others want to follow suit.

If you are a stay-at-home mom make sure your kids are doing well in school, your house is a model in your area as it has a beautiful enclosure with a pruned garden and lovely flowers that everyone who passes by wonder who owns this house.

If you are a teenager in school, first make sure that you are a good student, you have no time to waste doing nothing. You are clean, you keep your hair short, manageable and natural because you are proud to be African. You will not open up to relationships that can harm your character because you want to be whole, you want Ugandan girls to be known for being whole and you know that God has a great purpose for your life. In this way, you are fighting for the purposes of God for you as an individual but also for the reputation of Uganda, your homeland.

If you are a teenager in school like the girl I just mentioned you make sure you are a shrewd student, you get others to refuse to wear ripped pants because Uganda does not respect those who laugh of our poor by making a fashion our people wear because of poverty. You refuse long dirty hair because Ugandans are Africans of descent who embellish God’s creation and do not denigrate African beauty to make Ugandans (Africans) ugly, mad or desperate.

If you work with KCCA
You set up a program and mobilize all your colleagues to beautify Kampala, to make it the most beautiful city on the African continent as it can be, with greenery, flowers and clean buildings. You teach people that a city needs cooperation and peaceful workplaces and not conflict, no market battles, no hate. May Kampala prosper with good offices and clean buildings. So that tourists don’t find ugly photos of Kampala, they go away envying Ugandans for living in the Garden of Eden. And God would abundantly bless Uganda because, as the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness”

Finally, all of these people I gave as an example would only accomplish their mission on earth if they allowed themselves to fear God and live by serving him. Because wisdom only comes from the fear of God. It is this wisdom that can teach you to do all of these things that I have related above.

Janet K Museveni
First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports.



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