Italian International Championships in Turin


A double showcase, which will showcase many of the best talents in world golf. The spectacle of the Italian International Championships is back, scheduled for Turin from April 27 to 30. On the one hand the men’s show at the Circolo Golf Torino-La Mandria, on the other hand the women’s show at the Royal Park I Roveri.

With the Italian International Championships, the show is guaranteed in one of the most anticipated tournaments of the 2022 amateur calendar. A key event, with many French golf stars who, with the coordination of the FIG Technical Sector and under the view of the federal coaches, they will aim high.

Italian International Championships in Turin

At the Circolo Golf Torino-La Mandria, 120 competitors will compete for the title. In an event that in 2021 has been characterized by an all-Italian triumph. Dominating the scene, at the Acaya G&CC in Vernole (Lecce), Gregorio De Leo (who turned professional in 2021 at the 78th Italian Open DS Automobiles) overtook Marco Florioli by seven strokes.

And now Florioli, 17 from Bergamo, will be among the most anticipated protagonists of the competition. With Filippo Ponzano, Riccardo Leo, Massimiliano Campigli, Elia Dallanegra, Filippo Ciuffoletti, Lorenzo Fior, Pietro Guido Fenoglio, Eugenio Bernardi, Alessandro Nardini, Tommaso Rossin, Michele Ferrero, Sebastiano Frau, Filippo Bagnoli, Luca Memeo, Pietro Boeris, Gianmarco Manfredi and Giovanni Binagi.

Among the foreign competitors, the spotlight will be on, among others, Arabs Faisal Salhab and Saud AlSharif, Portuguese Vasco Alves and Joao Miguel Pereira, as well as Frenchman Maxence Giboudot and Swiss Marc Keller.

From Olazabal to Stenson, how many honor roll champions – the Italian Men’s Open – whose history began in 1905 – have been won by great golfing champions, not just Italians. Among these also the Spaniard Josè Maria Olazabal (winner in 1983 and 1985), double champion of the Masters (1994 and 1999), and the Swede Henrik Stenson (who made his own the tournament in 1996, still at the Circolo Golf Villa D Este in Montorfano.

, in the province of Como), captain of Team Europe at the 2023 Ryder Cup, scheduled at Marco Simone Golf & Country Club. The women’s race. The French pursue the third consecutive success – At Royal Park I Roveri will instead be 111 the protagonists, for an absolute level field.

Last year, the Bleues touched on the feat with Carolina Melgrati (absent this time) and Francesca Fiorellini, respectively second and third (they totaled the same score, with Melgrati second thanks to the best last 36 holes played) behind the French Charlotte Liautier. .

She who managed to win in Rome at the Parco de’ Medici Golf Club, two years after her compatriot Pauline Roussin Bouchard (the 2020 tournament was canceled due to Covid). And it is Roman Fiorellini (who has already made her the Portuguese Women’s International Amateur this year) who will lead the Italian expedition.

Who will see among the title contenders, among others, also Matilde Partele, Charlotte Cattaneo, Elisa Galli, Francesca Pompa, Greta Minetto, Giulia Bellini, Lorena Rossettin, Marta Spiazzi, Eleonora Marabotti, Sophie Bierstorfer, Rebecca Galasso, Alessia Fornara, Giulia Scarcello , Laura Ruggeri, Sara Berselli, Federica Rossi and Ginevra Coppa.

Nice competition for the blues, also taking into account the presence on the field of the German Helen Briem, the Swiss Elena Moosmann and Elena Colombo, the Dutch Anne-Sterre Den Dunnen, the Belgian Savannah De Bock and the French Arian Klotz , Vairana Heck and Constance. Fouillet.

Eight years after the last time (Alessandra Braida in 2014), the blue chase the company at the International Women’s Championships in Italy. Won in the past by champions such as, among others, the transalpine Céline Boutier (2010).

The formula – The two tournaments, which will be played in stroke play formula, will be played over the distance of 72 holes (18 per day) with a cut after 54 which will leave the first 60 classified and the equals in 60th place in the race.

The competition will also offer the title of the Nations Trophy (with Italy which in 2021 managed to participate in both the men’s and women’s competitions) in which the national representatives of three players will participate with a maximum of two teams. for each country. Two out of three daily results will be valid for the ranking.


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