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Insurance risk datathe latest in-depth research report from, Insurance General Account Comparative Analysis Report – EEA and Switzerland 2021, gives CIOs and asset managers key market insights to understand exactly how insurers in the EEA and Switzerland invest their general accounts and plan allocation in 2021 and beyond .

Until now, only a high level analysis of how insurers allocate general accounts has been possible, at EEA or country level.

The analytical power of Insurance risk data allows a much more granular segmentation of insurers, to map the allocations of much more specific groupings – for example, German solo insurers with general accounts worth 10 billion euros (12 billion euros) to 50 billion euros, or only insurance groups using partial internal Solvency II models.

The report analyzes the general account models for 10 EEA countries separately, plus Switzerland.

the Insurance General Account Comparative Analysis Report – EEA and Switzerland 2021 enables CIOs to compare themselves, and asset managers to compare customers and prospects, against the investments of much more refined and relevant groups of insurers than ever before.

The report is based on general account data in Insurance risk data for 2,400 insurers, and segments this universe into more than 100 cohorts, through 120 exhibitions.

And it comes with underlying data for each coin in a chart book, with data for the 2019 and 2020 reference years.

Report segmentations include:

  • Individual country, pan-EEA and Switzerland;
  • Solos / groups;
  • Five size brackets for the general account, ie over € 100bn; € 50bn to € 100bn; € 10bn to € 50bn; € 5bn to € 10bn; and less than 5 billion euros;
  • Solvency II model type – full internal, partial internal and standard formula;
  • Types of insurers, namely composite; pure life; pure non-life; health; and reinsurer
  • Reinsurers divided into non-life or reinsured life risks
  • Match adjustment users
  • Number of investment outsourcing relationships in relation to general account size brackets, Solvency II model and type of insurer.

The report also includes chapters also devoted to a comparative analysis of the types of funds used by European insurers, for given asset classes.

For more information on the Insurance General Account Benchmarking Report – EEA and Switzerland 2021, and to get a free sample, contact [email protected]

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