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We might not pay attention to our bathrooms very often, but the truth is, these are the little alcoves that we spend a good deal of our time in, carrying out our personal activities. It’s probably the only time we’re really alone, and the bathrooms are like our own personal areas. Therefore, it is very important to enrich our bathroom with essential accessories and practical product designs. These little products can make a huge difference in our everyday bathroom experience. They not only help us carry out our personal and grooming activities even more easily, but they also help us take care of ourselves a little better! From an electric dental floss that perfectly cleans your teeth in 30 seconds to a mold-resistant and waterproof rolling shower screen – we’ve curated a whole collection of innovative and functional bathroom accessories for you!

The NOS Everloop toothbrush uses a recycled plastic handle and disposable bamboo bristles. Taking a unique cradle-to-cradle approach, the brush comes with a plastic handle that is actually made from recycled toothbrushes. At the very end is a clamping mechanism that allows you to attach 100% natural bamboo bristles to the head of the toothbrush. The idea is to keep the plastic handle and periodically replace the bamboo bristles every few months. Bamboo bristles contain absolutely no plastic, allowing them to be easily disposed of or composted in a way that is environmentally friendly.

JoyFous takes the existing shower curtain and gives it a much needed design upgrade. Designed for 3-wall tubs (where the 4th wall is usually occupied by a curtain), JoyFous is a nifty, slim, retractable screen that’s easy to remove and retract before and after your bath. It’s a much more practical alternative to the shower curtain which is awkward and doesn’t prevent water from flowing onto the bathroom floor … and it’s a lot cheaper than those frosted glass partitions, and it is not breakable or fragile either! Functioning much like retractable blinds that you pull down, JoyFous works sideways, creating a neat privacy separation as you bathe or bask in your bath salt solution with candles and bubbles… tub , so you don’t step out onto a wet and slippery bathroom floor.

Designed to be the world’s first environmentally friendly electric dental floss, Flaüs is a hand-held toothbrush-shaped device with a replaceable floss head. When turned on, Flaüs gently vibrates at 12,000 sonic vibrations per minute – enough to safely remove all food and plaque stuck between your teeth without injuring even the most sensitive gums. Being about as easy to use as an electric toothbrush, Flaüs makes flossing fast, easy and efficient. Plus, each replaceable dental floss head is made from biodegradable materials and can even be composted after use… leaving your teeth and the planet as clean as possible!

Kohler seems to have taken a huge liking to bathroom singers with his new shower head. With a halo-shaped design, the Kohler Moxie shower head allows you to install a wireless speaker in its negative cavity, giving you a luxurious Kohler-worthy shower with handpicked (or rather voice) to accompany you while you bathe. Now the Moxie is not a new product. Kohler released the original showerhead + speaker combination as early as 2012, but the new update (which will be showcased at CES2020 next week) allows Moxie to communicate with Amazon’s Alexa voice AI, allowing you to ask her to play songs (or karaoke), tell you about the news, or order you another shampoo. The Moxie speaker is detachable and mounts directly into the torus-shaped shower head using magnetic action.

Lucere mimics that perfect vanity lighting experience without racking up an electric bill. It includes a pair of portable lights that attach directly to your bathroom mirror to give you bright, two-way light without creating sharp shadows. The Lucere comes with a backing that adheres to your mirror, allowing you to magnetically turn lights on or off when you need them. Both lights are equipped with tactile on-off switches and the ability to adjust them to the desired brightness using simple +/- controls. The lights charge via a standard MicroUSB cable and last for 3 hours at medium brightness.

BASE is a conceptual sterilizer that aims to provide you with the maximum level of oral hygiene and safety. Toothbrushes contain over 10 million bacteria which is more than a toilet seat, so it takes more than a plastic cap to stay clean and protected. UV rays at a wavelength of 253.7 nm are used as a bactericide and in 5 seconds BASE kills 100% of common germs. In a full 40 second cycle, it also kills 90% of sporulating bacteria and it is recommended to sterilize the toothbrush for a full 2 ​​minutes for the highest level of hygiene. The device encloses the toothbrush just enough to contain UVC radiation in the required area (bristles, head and neck of the toothbrush) while also allowing the right amount of convective airflow to help dry the brush teeth.

Designer Geraldine Tong wanted to change our perception of toilet cleaning tools while solving related issues such as its environmental impact and the clutter it creates in our bathrooms. His goal was to create a brush that didn’t cause more garbage in landfills, took up minimal space, reached tight areas and, of course, was visually appealing. So she designed BrushPro in collaboration with Lam Soon Singapore, and the mission was accomplished. This redesigned toilet brush allows you to change brushes while reusing the main body, reducing a lot of toxic waste. BrushPro is extremely convenient to use compared to its predecessors. The extendable handle allows you to reach tight spaces without having to perform advanced yoga poses on the floor and minimizes your direct contact with the dirty brush.

Designed as a two-piece stool, the stuul takes up a fraction of its intended space when not in use and converts into two footrests when you’re on the John. Using stuul helps elevate your legs in a squatting-like manner that is clinically proven to make work easier. The stuul design helps position the legs at the desired angle to promote a healthy bathroom routine and prevent conditions like IBS. With a design-conscious approach, the stuul is designed less as a clinical product and more as something suitable to be in your well-decorated bathroom. The two tripod stools fit into each other, becoming a unique shape that’s easy to stow away somewhere for later, while its faceted design gives it a decidedly premium feel.



Why shouldn’t your scale do more than just tell you your weight? The PEBBLE was designed with this question in mind and provides an innovative solution that might make you wonder why it doesn’t already exist! After the shower, you can step on the scale and it will air dry your feet and disinfect them with infrared light. The upward facing fans help you dry faster and ensure that you are not carrying excess moisture which can lead to a number of unwanted health scenarios. Synced with the PEBBLE app on your smartphone, it will automatically download and track your weight stats and give you daily, weekly and monthly status updates to maintain a healthy BMI.



Designed for the OXO brand, the Chrome Bath Suite aims to elevate the average person’s bathroom with an easy-to-use and seamlessly integrated collection of bath amenities. Consisting of a soap dish, wall mirror, shower shelf, and towel bar, the set contains everything you need to keep things tidy and organized. Best of all, none of the units require tools to be installed. Instead, a carefully designed suction cup mechanism snaps to vertical surfaces before the various elements are attached. An elegant chrome finish completes the look and brings each unit together into a cohesive collection.


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