Homesick Candles Astrology Collection Has A Scent For Each Zodiac Sign


As an astrologer, it goes without saying that I’m obsessed with the stars, which means I absolutely swoon over all the (genuine and really good) zodiac-themed products. If you are like me, then there is nothing that satisfies you more than an astro-product that totally sums up who you are, as if it was designed with you in mind. This is why I am so excited that Homesick’s new Astrology Collection has been released, as the 12 candles ($ 34 each) capture the essence of each zodiac sign in a T.

You’re probably familiar with Homesick because of the brand’s signature candles that smell like the state you’re from or even your hometown. Being from LA, I couldn’t wait to grab Homesick’s Los Angeles candle, which carries notes of ocean, desert, jasmine and citrus. It instantly brings me back to walks through the SoCal area botanical gardens, making me feel right at home. Whenever a friend in my town walks away, I always make sure to give them this candle as a farewell gift.

It’s safe to say Homesick has done it again, as the Astrology Collection candles exceeded my already high standards. After all, there are already tons of zodiac-themed products to choose from, but it’s rare for a business to be successful. Homesick’s astrology collection somehow manages to capture how each zodiac sign feels like it’s totally obvious to begin with.

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From famous astrologers to well-known fragrance consultants, so many amazing people have come together to help bring these candles to life. The most prominent contributors are AstroTwins, Tali and Ophira Edut, who happen to be some of the leading voices in the astrology world, so you know the collection ticks the “authentic” box.

With the holidays just around the corner, these candles would be the perfect gift for your astrology loving friends. And don’t stop at just one, because remember, you probably have many different zodiac signs that feature prominently in your birth chart. Why stop with just the candle for just your sun sign? You could hang the candle that represents your moon sign to light up the night; your rising sign to light up when you get up and shine for the day; and your Venus sign if you’re feeling fancy. You could literally build your own personal collection that represents your birth chart.

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With the Scorpio season getting closer and closer, I’m sure you’re already thinking about how this could be the perfect birthday gift for the Scorpio in your life. The candle’s description alone proves the collection is the real deal: “An enchanting mystic with unparalleled intuition who is both a lone wolf and a staunch companion.” If these words don’t speak directly to the soul of a Scorpio, I don’t know what will.

The top notes of the Scorpion candle include the refreshing scent of balsam and fir needle, taking you straight into a dark and mysterious forest where a Scorpion will thrive. It also includes notes of eucalyptus, musk and patchouli, which reinforce the magical aura created by this candle. Once you light that candle, you may even feel like you’re under a loving spell and ready to embrace transformation, which Scorpios do best.

If you are wondering what your sign’s candle is likely to look like, the four astrological elements can give you a clue. Fire signs have darker, spicier notes like cinnamon, chili, sage; earth signs have more, well, earthy aromas like balm, cedar, and amber; air signs have cleaner scents like cashmere musk, mineral springs, and coconut; and water signs have more watery qualities like water lilies, blue waves, and beach foam.

They are all available on the official Homesick website so BRB while I add them all to my cart.


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