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If you’re like us, you live for Sunday morning resets that include a great robot vacuum to multitask, a refresh of the best linens you’ll find, and a full-fledged deep clean of your space.

After doing just that – the process of folding Windexing clothes and mirrors (kind of like strict SWAT team training at times) – there is often a need for more organization bins or better storage options for some random finds.

Here, to make storage as fluid as possible, The Home Edit, the brand dedicated to “reinventing the traditional organization and merging it with interior design and style”.

The Home Edit, known for making everything it sees more perfect and quaint in Pinterest style (just check out the brand’s Instagram), is celebrating its new Walmart launch – THE collection.

“Available exclusively at Walmart, you’ll find all of our favorite solutions (in our signature clear style) at an incredible price,” founders Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin told The Post. “The most notable feature is our ‘Changes’, which we’ve designed to make the organizing process easier for people to understand. “

Shearer and Teplin explain that these modifications are “packaged for a specific space” – for example, pantry, bathroom, laundry, and multi-purpose – but are versatile enough to be used throughout the home as well.

“We always say the perfect system has to be perfect for you, so if Bath Edit works best in your home office, then by all means go for it,” recommend the founders.

Before diving into the collection, Shearer and Teplin share their top three organizing tips to follow as you shop for new products and tidy up your space:

  • Do not confuse organization and cleaning: “If you don’t create a sustainable system, the mess is bound to reappear. If you take the time to think about your habits, your home and your lifestyle, you can create smart solutions that you can maintain, ”said Shearer.
  • Contain articles with designated areas: “It not only makes things easier to find, but also holds you accountable when you start to go past space,” Teplin said.
  • Label your categories or sort by color (which is a labeling system in itself!): “Tags provide a user-friendly roadmap of where items are located and what they belong to,” Shearer said.

Additionally, the dynamic duo behind The Home Edit continue to add more products to their shiny new collection over time, which we all are. Great excited.

Coming soon, shop the full collection. It’s pretty and wrapped for sure, with the aim of freshening up your space even more.

Ornament Organizer (Pack of 2)

It’s about to take your vacation decor apart if you haven’t already, and The Home Edit makes it organized and safe with its tubs divided into adornments. Just store them in a spare closet or in your attic and take them out – without a crack – next year.

Small Insert Bins (Pack of 6)

Whether you’re looking to store pencil erasers, nail polish, or any other small item, these little insert bins are well worth the purchase for your space, especially a six-pack that costs less than $ 20.

Medium Insert Bins (Pack of 4)

Perfect for lining up pens, lip glosses, or a collection of vitamin C serums, these medium insert bins are the right size for all your organization’s needs.

Three-level riser (Pack of 2)

Nothing like an organized stand for your products to make everything more aesthetic. From storing salad dressing in your fridge or pantry to lining up shampoo and hairspray bottles, this three-tiered riser is one of a kind.

All: Stackable Bins (Pack of 2)

Enter the deep stackable bins that are space-saving and so convenient. It’s the lifeline you need to store your hairdryers and hair tools – or swimwear – for just $ 20.

All: Narrow Bins (Pack of 4)

Sometimes the nooks and crannies get the better of us. In these situations, narrow storage bins are the way to go, whether they are for blocks, medications, or your child’s sewing supplies.

All: Large bin (Pack of 2)

If you need more large bins for your closet to store all your fluffy socks (isn’t it all), The Home Edit’s Large Bin is phenomenal. In addition, the storage possibilities are endless.

Large insert trays (pack of 4)

Ideal for your desk drawer or sliding cabinet, these large insert bins come in a four pack of pure happiness to store your scissors, toothpaste and more.

Eight-Piece Versatile Edit Plastic Storage System

Not only does The Home Edit’s new collection at Walmart include individual storage and stacking bins, there are also unique modifications to suit your home space. Introducing the Versatile Edition which, as the name suggests, is the hub of almost everything.

10 Piece Plastic Modular Storage System for Plastic Tub

From floss and teeth whitening kits to ice rollers and travel-size skin care products that you have no other place for, bathrooms are sometimes a treasure hunt. full fledged. For this reason, the Bath Edit is your next solution.

Five-piece plastic modular laundry storage system

There is no such thing as the Laundry Edit. The bins are large enough to hold an iron, convenient enough to store your dryer linens and detergent, and unique enough to come with a rotating storage solution for cleaning supplies.

Pantry Edit plastic five-piece modular storage system

The Pantry Edit makes it easy to see all your canned goods and is versatile to line up spices and rice bags. Plus, with a few purchases, your pantry will look like The Home Edit’s Instagram.

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