H&M is once again turning plastic waste from Indonesian beaches into everyday fashion


H&M has partnered again with Danone AQUA for the bottle2fashion project, which turns plastic bottle waste from the islands of Indonesia into recycled polyester.

The Swedish fashion giant said in a Press release Last month, this collection of H&M children’s clothing is made from bottle2fashion recycled polyester, a more durable material used in these everyday pieces with a variety of energetic prints and colors.

This time, bottle2fashion has collected and recycled over 7.5 million PET bottles, more than double the amount of last year (3.5 million) and this year’s children’s clothing collection was made up of 663 869 PET bottles. The collection was made available in stores around the world at the end of December and online from early January of this year.

All the polyester used in this collection is recycled and comes from the bottle2fashion project, which also supports the Indonesian government’s initiative against marine pollution while contributing to their sustainability goals. PET bottles are collected from all islands in Indonesia, then sorted and cleaned before being shredded into flakes to make recycled polyester fibers.

Karin Brinck, Head of Sustainability at H&M Kidswear, said: “We play a huge role and we want to lead the change towards a more sustainable fashion future. We can and must create these collaborations to accelerate the transformation crucial to our industry – with other brands, our suppliers and our customers. I take pride in the way we collaborate with others to set new industry standards and enable innovative solutions.

Jeffri Ricardo, Senior Manager Packaging Circularity at Danone AQUA said: “Danone AQUA is committed to being part of the solution around plastic waste. We started the #BijakBerplastik (be plastic-savvy) movement in 2018 and realized we could help solve the problem. However, helping the Indonesian government to reduce the waste dumped in the ocean by 70% by 2025 requires the efforts and collaboration of several stakeholders. H&M shared the same vision, to be a leader in driving a more circular and renewable economy – and at the same time taking concrete steps to prevent plastic waste from reaching the ocean. With the bottle2fashion project, we are showing that a more sustainable future is possible, not only from bottle to bottle but from bottle to fashion, to be part of the solution.

Modern, comfortable and roomy hoodies, pants, joggers, t-shirts, long-sleeved tops and socks make up the children’s clothing collection for ages 9-14 and include athletic-inspired detailing, ombre, color blocking , marble, and tie-dye prints. With a lavender, pale yellow, black, gray and lime green color scheme, the feel is energetic yet harmonious.

Speaking on the design, Sofia Löfstedt, Head of Kidswear Design at H&M, said: “We love the way this children’s collection gives plastic waste a second life. Using recycled polyester from the bottle2fashion project means we’re helping clean up the Indonesian islands and reuse the resources we already have. We took this innovative spirit and created a bold and forward-looking vibe for the different rooms. And most importantly, we can continue to provide our young heroes around the world with sustainable fashion. “


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