Here’s a look at Stampd’s latest collaboration with Nobu Matsuhisa


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Stampd is back with another aide from the Beverly Hills Sushi Club, his collaboration continuing with celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

Much like the previous drops, the fall 2021 range consists of everyday pieces that can be easily integrated into most wardrobes. The designs are relatively minimal, as they are presented with clean graphics sporting black, white and beige pieces. Key designs include the Stampd Matsuhisa Team jacket with a wool body and tone-on-tone leather sleeves; a BHSC crew-neck graphic sweatshirt; and a six panel cap with embroidered co-branding on the front and a Beverly Hills print below the bill.

The collection marks the third installment of Stampd’s collaboration with Matsuhisa, who is best known for his fusion of Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients. Nobu addressed the partnership in an Instagram post in March, when the first Stampd x Matsuhisa collection was released.

“It was in 1987 when I opened my first restaurant, Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills. My philosophy has always remained the same. Provide consistency, quality service and create an atmosphere that brings people together, ”wrote the chef. “I couldn’t have accomplished this without a strong connection to my family, my vision and my values. I see these qualities in [Stampd founder Chris Stamp]. A young visionary, met with humility, dynamism and a keen eye for his profession. I enjoyed sharing our passions through creative media and working together on this special project.

The latest Stampd x Matsuhisa collection is available now on the Stampd online store. You can check out some of the pieces below.






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