Han Solo’s bread sculpture on Instagram is obsessed


On October 8, One House Bakery presented Pan Solo, a Han Solo spin-off from the world of “Star Wars” (via instagram). Photos reveal the likeness of Han Solo apparently trying to escape from a wall. Of course, this depiction of Harrison Ford’s legendary character is meant to evoke the same position of the character when frozen in carbonite in “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back.” While we doubt the Star Wars character’s carbonite form is nearly as tasty as it looks, the resemblance is undeniably uncanny.

“It’s our entry for the @beniciamainst scarecrow contest!! Pan Solo has been encased in sourdough. I know, we’re giant nerds!” the legend began. The bakery called on @catherinepervan to create the bread dough smuggler sculpture. Rather uniquely, the designer chose to build the enclosure’s control panel out of bread dough as well. “Be sure to give us a vote if you like it!!” the post continued.

According Main Street Benicia, the scarecrow contest that Pan Solo entered kicked off on October 7 in Benicia, California. Those who live in the neighborhood and wish to vote must obtain a paper ballet from a neighborhood store or at the Benicia Certified Farmers Market. The competition ends on October 23 and, according to some comments on Instagram, One House Bakery is giving the other contestants a hard time. “You have the coolest ideas every year!!” a comment read. Another user wrote, “That’s so cool! Can’t wait to see it!”


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