Hamilton vs Verstappen brings F1 back to life: “We’re talking about it”



Marc Surer is enjoying the 2021 Formula 1 season. Like many, he is on the edge of his seat for the duel between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen but is also eagerly awaiting the new rules for 2021.

Verstappen vs. Hamilton

It took a while, but in 2021 we will finally have a Formula 1 title battle again. While Hamilton has the world title on the line every year since Nico Rosberg left, this year he really has to fight. again for that. Red Bull Racing have built a car which also gives Verstappen a chance to win the title.

With Verstappen against Hamilton, we finally have a great championship duel again, like Prost against Senna or Schumacher against Hill. Two pilots who dominate and attack each other. It’s great for Formula 1. Incidents like Monza are unnecessary, but it’s good for the sport. Something is happening in Formula 1 and people are talking about this sport again. ” the former F1 driver said Speedweek.com.

New rules for F1

In that regard, it might be a shame that there are completely new rules in 2022. The new rules usually result in a change in the standings, which could lead to a dominant team. Surer isn’t too worried about this though.

“I hope the new rules will make F1 more exciting and that we will ditch the DRS. Because of this tool, overtaking has become too easy. Everyone always says how hard it is to overtake, but in Abu Dhabi in 2019 we saw a lot of battles on the track when the DRS went off for 20 laps. DRS makes drivers lazy, ” concludes the Swiss.



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