Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber. How were caught in Beverly Hills


Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber. The two lovers were caught smiling at each other on their way to a romantic date in Beverly Hills. Hidden photographers managed to capture them from all angles, and their outfits became a topic of discussion in the press around the world.

The 27-year-old singer took his wife out for a romantic dinner. Justin did not take into account the dress code and wore an outfit strongly commented by the couple’s admirers. Although the sources say that they went to a luxury restaurant, the two lovers chose a natural attitude and non-conformist outfits.

Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber recently talked about how she sees marriage with her husband. She gave a candid interview in which she told more details about the beginning of her relationship with Justin Bieber. Soon, the star appeared in public with a necklace that had her husband’s initials.

Certainly, love floats in the air for the couple of the moment. Although it has often been written in the press that Justin is violent with his wife, she denies all the rumors. In the latest images on the internet, Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber in Beverly Hills.

The pair chose to wear casual outfits and did not pay attention to the clothing behavior imposed by the location they went to. The 24-year-old model opted for a pair of black tights, an oversized knitted sweater in brown plaid and a voluminous leather handbag.

The sunglasses were not missing from the whole outfit either. To all this outfit, Hailey added a pair of white socks over the ankles and sneakers in the same shade.

Although he’s always on tour, now in Mexico, as reported on CelebrityGossip, the star’s husband was the one who provoked many reactions on the internet. Justin chose to wear a black sweatshirt with a pair of colorful shorts. The “piece of resistance” was the star’s shoes. Justin wore a pair of yellow slippers with pink and blue flowers.

The photographers took the opportunity and caught him from all angles. Although Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber in a luxury place, he did not give up his favorite clothes for an elegant outfit.

What Hailey Bieber says about her marriage to Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber had dinner with Justin Bieber shortly after she talked about their marriage. You two lovers seemed very happy to be in each other’s company. In a podcast to which she was recently invited, Hailey confessed that things did not go so well between her and her husband at the beginning of the relationship.

According to her statements, she and Bieber separated for a short time before they got married. The reason was in an argument that the artist could not easily overlook. Hailey did not confess what triggered the singer’s reaction, but said he made an “immature” gesture.


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