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Many hands did light work on November 18, when several teams supported a waste reduction campaign called Give Dane a Clean Run, which started a few months ago. The short clean-up activity started at 9:30 a.m. and saw groups of people cleaning up trash in the bush adjacent to Sapphire Coast Drive. Groups involved included staff from Tura Woolworths, the Bournda Environmental Education Center and members of Bega Tathra Safe Ride. Campaign organizer and Bega Tathra Safe Ride secretary Doug Reckord said he was grateful to Tura Woolworths for taking up the challenge and helping Bournda EEC and Bega Tathra Safe Ride. “The aim was to emphasize that we can all play a part in giving Dane a clean run and contributing to clean roads and beaches,” said campaign organizer Doug Reckord. The group joined local running legend Dane Waites and his mother Junee in picking up litter, for about an hour, in an effort to raise awareness of the ongoing litter reduction campaign. The campaign was launched two months ago in September 2021 and aims to maintain Sapphire Coast Drive. The idea came to Mr. Reckord on one of his daily trips to work at the environmental education center in Bournda. He was riding his motor tricycle with which he often collects trash, when he spotted Dane on his regular run along Sapphire Coast Drive – which sparked the idea. READ ALSO: Generosity Shines Through at Bega’s Sapphire Pantry As well as giving Dane a cleaner trail along the roads, cleaning up trash also helps protect surrounding ecosystems. In September, Mr Reckord said waste could accumulate quickly, and in areas like Sapphire Coast Drive, waste can drain into Lake Wallagoot and Bournda Lagoon. “Waste is washed down the drain, it is washed into our waterways and ends up in our marine environment,” Reckord said. READ ALSO: Merimbula Tourist Information Center Looking For More Volunteers “In the case of plastic, they say it doesn’t break down, it breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces that can eventually end up in food chains and food webs. ” Mr Reckord said everyone can make a difference and suggested the following: “It means resume when you can, anyone can do it,” Mr Reckord said. READ ALSO: Fingers crossed for a great holiday season. “Lisa, the head of Tura Woolworths, was talking to me about removing some of the single-use plastics from their shelves, which is a step in the right direction,” he said.



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