Formula E – Eriksson ends the season with Dragon


New York City E-Prix – Joel Eriksson, the Dragon reserve driver, will race the final three weekends of the season as Nico Mueller leaves the team.

Eriksson joined Dragon / Penske Autosport in early 2020 and competed for the team in that year’s Marrakech Rookie Test. The Swedish driver had already participated in the 2018 edition of the event for the DS Virgin team.

After Brendon Hartley left the team ahead of the Berlin races last season, Eriksson’s reserve driver Sergio Sette Camara got the chance to race which then turned into full-time training, now , a year later, the Swede will also have the chance to prove himself after his unique replacement weekend has now turned into a four-weekend race.

The Swede’s first weekend in Puebla saw him and his teammate having to start from behind and serve a drive-through in the first lap after switching pieces, with Eriksson taking the P17 checkered flag, two places behind Sette Camara. The second lap saw him make a mistake in qualifying and start from behind, but he finished the P15 race, just ahead of his teammate thanks to the Brazilian having a five-second penalty for a collision near the start of E -Price.

“I am delighted to be back in Formula E for another weekend and to prove what I can do.” says Eriksson. “A big thank you to Dragon / Penske Autosport for giving me this continued confidence.

“We worked well together in Mexico and my driving has evolved with each session and with each lap. It’s amazing to cross the Atlantic to compete in a world championship event in New York City itself. It’s a great opportunity and I think it’s going to be very prestigious for all the obvious reasons.

Nico Mueller, who also made his Formula E debut at the Rookie Tests, raced with Audi and beat the times for two years before being signed by Dragon ahead of Season 6. The Swiss driver had Dragon’s best result since Jérôme d’Ambrosio’s victory in season. 2 when he finished second in the chaotic inaugural Valencia E-Prix earlier this year. However, Mueller’s DTM commitments kept him from making it to Puebla last time around and also reportedly saw him miss the Towers of London, as a result he has now left the team.

He announced the decision, posted with a video of highlights from his time with the team, on social media, saying, “Due to several conflicting commitments, DRAGON / PENSKE AUTOSPORT and I have decided to go our separate ways, which means that I will not participate in the last 3 laps of ABB Formula E S7
“Thank you for almost 2 seasons of hard and passionate work and the memories we have made. I wish the team all the best as I focus on my tasks as a factory DTM and Audi driver – the future is bright!

Eriksson, meanwhile, was thrilled to be able to continue in the car and go for a run in New York, posting on his Instagram: “AM I DREAMING NOW OR WHAT?!?! I will be back in the race [FIA Formula E] the coming weekend with [Dragon/Penske Autosport] and guess where… NEW YORK !!! It’s a little unreal because it’s a long dream to run through the streets of the city that never sleeps. I cannot thank the team enough for the confidence. Let’s go ”

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