Foreign trade continues to prosper: imports increase



Foreign trade continues to prosper: imports have increased

While exports stagnate at a high level, imports continue to grow strongly. In general, the trade balance results in a surplus of 3.3 billion Swiss francs.

The Customs Administration recorded a decline in exports of pharmaceutical chemicals.


As the Federal Customs Administration (FCA) announced on Thursday, the metals, watches, precision instruments, machinery and electronics sectors notably contributed to the positive overall score in April as well as ‘to its growth trajectory. On the other hand, there is a drop in exports of pharmaceutical chemicals (-151 million francs) and jewelry and jewelry (-229 million francs). In terms of markets, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) noted an increase in exports to Europe, while exports to Asia and the United States declined from the previous month.

While exports stagnated at a “high level”, the customs administration reported a sharp increase in imports (+ 3.5%). The determining factors for good developments here have been pharmaceutical chemicals and energy sources. In contrast, there was a slight decline in jewelry and fine jewelry. Growth is spread over “the three major continents” (Europe, Asia and North America), according to the announcement. Globally, Switzerland posted a surplus of 3.3 billion Swiss francs on the trade balance for the month of April.


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