Felipe Gonzalez makes Macri uncomfortable: “Imagine a Monclou pact”


Former Spanish President Felipe González and Mariano Rajoy hold a debate at the La Toja Forum in Galicia, where they analyze The consequences of the war in Ukraine on the country’s economy.

In the auditorium of the exchanges between the former presidents, there was the former president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, who was consulted on the possibility. big business in the country

Socialist Felipe Gonzalez proposed Monclo-style settlement with social, political, economic and financial agreements Because he believes that “either we adapt, or we are accommodated”.

“These were political, economic and social agreements” Which instilled confidence in the acceptance of a new constitution,” Gonzalez said.

Mauricio Macri presents himself as a candidate: “No more populism in Argentina”

“I’m sorry, President Macri, Imagine a table in Moncloa, Argentina to make decisions »The former president looked at Macri, who shrugged, smiled and pointed out the impossibility of such compromises.

González said: “I say this not as a possibility but as a necessity in a country like Argentina, which is one of the few countries in the world, with the dimension of which it should be possible to say that 10 years of good government will change the historical destiny of 80 years. It is worth accepting 10 years of good government, whoever governs”.

Spain is the result of a combination of political, labor and social forces known as the 1977 Treaty of Moncloa. Convened by the government of Adolfo Suárez, leaders from all regions agreed to The basic foundation for the pursuit of a democratic system, After the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Spain’s struggling economy Inflation above 20%, Rise in unemployment and paralysis of activity, as well as a deficit in the trade balance.

Populism, Peron and Square the Circle

In turn, Mariano Rajoy agrees with González on the need for a tax and fiscal agreement, “but we will have to see how it will be done. We’re moving towards a Frankenstein tax model, and I’m the old rich-poor. Very anxious to revive the debate. It’s very dangerous, it’s populism. We have Peron and Robin Hood in government and we have besieged before.

“You have to be very careful and governments should not divide people from each other, but set a clear, sensible, fair and ethical objective. There are those who believe that to rule is to destroy the rich, but We must eliminate the poor. said Rajoy.



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