Every look of Louis Vuitton spring / summer 2022


In futuristic glam, Nicolas Ghesquière turned to the royal and the royal, with a collection of the future. Inspired by the styles worn by Marie-Antoinette, each look is accessorized to the maximum, each model dripping with sequins and satin. Mixing textures and colors, this 28-look show was fun to watch, with each look becoming more and more complex as the show progressed.

The collection contrasted the saddlebag hips with denim, the looks were both modern and outdated. Each look had an element of the future and the past, like creole skirts paired with modern blouses and shiny satin lace-up sneakers with peep toes. The different fabrics and textures in each look made them all unique, with velvet paired with sequins and satin.

The use of denim in this collection is ironic but complements every look, resulting in a rustic chic and refined look. Denim bike shorts, reminiscent of daddy fashion, paired with a clean, oversized all-white blazer, and a cute pair of denim jeans paired with a sparkling asymmetric bodycon tunic. Bold and unique, this collection tackles fashion in the most extreme nature.

Layers were essential in this collection, combining mismatched pieces and using silhouettes and colors to create a dynamic look. Almost all of the looks were paired with large sunglasses, eye masks, headwear, and ankle-length shoes of various shapes, Mardi Gras-style, all compounding each highly accessorized look. Each look was more interesting than the last, ending with a simple two-piece square set of sequins and black lacing details. Closing fashion month with a bang, Ghesquière keeps us going in his latest collection by upsetting all the “rules” that we thought we knew about fashion.

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