Elgin crews clean up metal and debris after storm damage


ELGIN, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Just two weeks after Elgin spent $ 18,000 to clean up storm damage, crews are out again to clean up debris around town after the last storms on Sunday morning .

The straight-line winds damaged nearly 30 properties, including the town’s post office and several homes.

A big boom woke Steve Mansel just after midnight on Sunday.

He said it was a scary moment. At first he thought something had fallen in his house.

“I got up and looked out the windows,” Mansel said. “It was still a bit stormy. I noticed that the carport over there had exploded in the tree, and I’m like, “I hope that’s just the metal from that carport that’s in my backyard. . “

But it was not.

Hours later, he realized that it was his own metal roof ripped from his house that was now decorating his yard.

“As a retiree I saw a lot of damage to the house and all that,” Mansel said. “I worked for PSO 32 years and I’m just thankful that it hasn’t done anything inside so far, and yes it’s emotional but we’ll be okay with it.”

On Monday, city crews helped load the metal and took it away on a trailer.

Keiba Hendrix of Elgin Public Works worked after 3 a.m. on Sunday, cleaning carports and metal from the roads.

“I don’t want a kid to get up in the morning, go out on the street or something, come and see some metal and play on it, get cut and hurt, and I don’t want that,” he said. said Hendrix.

Over the next few days, they will continue to clean tree branches and trash for people who cannot do it themselves.

He asks them to place the items as close to the sidewalk as possible for the crews.

“Make sure you keep your trash and put it in trash cans and stuff like that, so when a storm hits, keep it confined to your house, so it doesn’t end up in culverts and trash barrels.” that blow all over the place and keep them clean, ”said Hendrix.

The Elgin Post Office is closed to customers at this time, but people can still drop off outgoing mail in the blue collection box outside.

The city is helping residents pick up bulk trash by July 31 to help clean up faster.

People can contact City Hall at 580-492-5777 to schedule pickup.

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