Democrat’s Amendment Hints Legislative Leaders Affiliated With National Terrorists – Michigan Capitol Confidential


Democratic State Senator Jeff Irwin of Ann Arbor proposed an amendment in the Senate this week, implying that key legislative leaders could pose a risk to state security and be affiliated with national terrorists.

It was a bill requiring legislative leaders to be informed by the lieutenant governor of the governor’s departure and then return to the state. Irwin proposed an exception. Under it, the requirement would not apply if the Lieutenant Governor “knows or reasonably believes” that a majority or minority leader in the House or Senate “poses a risk to the security of that state because of its affiliations with a national terrorist organization ”.

Irwin made his proposal to modify Senate Bill 458 June 2. Under the bill, the required written notice would be sent to the Senate majority and minority leaders, the Speaker of the House, and the House minority leader. This is expected to happen within 12 hours of the temporary successor taking over the governor’s powers.

The amendment failed by a 20-16 vote. All Senate Democrats voted in favor of Irwin’s amendment. No Republican voted for.

Irwin’s office released a statement the senator made from the Senate floor:

“Unfortunately, I take the floor to propose this amendment and ask for the support of my colleagues. The amendment would allow the state to withhold information about the governor’s whereabouts with people known to associate with domestic terrorists. I think it’s very unfortunate that we saw what we saw on January 6 and one of the most unfortunate parts of this Capitol Hill insurgency was what’s going on now – that members of Congress were actually helping some of these people, showing them around the facilities. He’s the kind of person I don’t think we can trust that kind of information with, so I’m moving this amendment.

Senate Bill 458 was introduced by six Republican senators on May 19, about a month after it was discovered that Governor Gretchen Whitmer had visited Florida without publicly revealing her intentions. Whitmer’s office said she went to visit her ailing father.


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