Congresswoman Blunt Rochester visits Ellendale where progress is being made on clean water access


ELLENDALE, Del. — Deputy Lisa Blunt Rochester took to the streets to tour the Ellendale Collection Station, highlighting projects that bring clean, affordable water to small communities.

“For 20 years many people have worked to get clean and safe drinking water here in Sussex County, but especially in the communities of Ellendale,” said MP Lisa Blunt Rochester.

She also discussed the Infrastructure Act allowing millions of dollars to come to Delaware for water and wastewater services.

“We know that having access to clean water is not enough, you also have to be able to afford it, so I have a bill that has been included in the Build Back Better, a pilot project has been included in bipartisan infrastructure,” said MP Blunt Rochester.

Meanwhile, right now, money from the State Revolving Fund is enabling Sussex County to provide free access to clean drinking water for a few months.

“And that’s $1,500 to $2,000 that a person would have to pay on their own, which now they can get for free and so we encourage people to hook up to the water system so they can drink cleanly “said MP Blunt Rochester.

Delores Price is one owner who takes advantage of it. She is also president of the Ellendale Civic Community Improvement Association and works with the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project to improve water infrastructure.

“It makes me really happy,” Price said.

Price said she has seen and experienced the challenges that access to clean water cannot bring due to discoloration, stained clothes and health effects.

“I had a grandson who lived in this area for a while and he got meningitis and had to learn to walk and do everything everywhere, he was only a year old, he was not than a baby, he had to learn to do things all over the place,” Price said.

But, with the work now being put in place to help communities like Ellendale, those we spoke to are looking at the glass half full.

“Other people will be able to use their water without fear, they’ll be able to wash their clothes, they’ll come out nice and clean,” Price said.

Price said she and the Southeast Rural Community Assistance Project are also working to get better housing in the area, as they feel it is impossible to get better drinking water and not having good housing.


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