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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will launch Clean Andhra Pradesh (CLAP) Jagananna Swachha Sankalpam on Saturday by reporting 2,600 garbage collection vehicles in the city of Vijayawada, according to a government press release. The CLAP initiative was introduced by the state government to establish a robust sanitation system in rural and urban settlements in Andhra Pradesh. The objective of the initiative is to achieve full source separation of waste, on-site waste treatment, encouraging home composting, mechanized door-to-door collection with community participation and ensuring complete treatment of the waste generated.

A three-bin system will be set up for the primary sorting of waste at the household level. Every household in the state will receive blue, green and red bins to sort their waste. The government statement added that the purchase and supply of 12 million household bins at a cost of ??720,000,000 to approximately 4 million homes are underway. Regarding door-to-door collection, nearly 3,100 diesel dumpers and 1,800 electric vehicles will be deployed. These two vehicles will be equipped with wet, dry and domestic separation dust containers with a hydraulic lift.

As part of this initiative, the state government will also add 4,171 solid waste treatment centers to the existing centers. According to a report by, 14,000 tricycles will be donated to gram panchayats for trash transport, 1,000 auto-rickshaws will be provided to villages with over 10,000 inhabitants and 6,417 incinerators will be donated to gram panchayats for the safe disposal of sanitary napkins and masks.


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