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The Highland County Land Reutilization Corporation (HCLRC) will soon be closing several properties that it has been examining for some time, according to Highland County Community Action Organization housing director Mark Current.

These properties are as follows:

* Current said the land bank would close “very soon” on the property at 11540 Dundee Dr. in Hillsboro, adding that the property was sold for $ 3,700.

* Current said the neighbor interested in buying the two Cinderella Drive plots was working to secure financing. The price for both properties is $ 3,550. Current said he will have something on this property soon and plans to close it shortly.

* He said the two Fannie Mae plots at 750 Carford Place in Greenfield will soon be closed at a cost of $ 2,150 per plot.

* Current also said a package to 6855 Dutch St. in Hillsboro will be made as soon as the documents are finalized. He said the daughter of the original owner, who died, is transferring the plot to the land bank. He added that a neighbor is interested in the plot at the side lot price of $ 1,850.

Current said a collection of plots the land bank had previously discussed included properties from the Enchanted Hills community association in the Rocky Fork Lake area. He specifies that this collection is 11 plots grouped together following the dissolution of the association.

However, he said a title search revealed that one of the parcels, Parcel 33-16-203-105.00, was designated as a “park” which he said would be difficult to change.

The land bank said those plots should go through an expedited foreclosure process and members should also decide whether they want to sell the properties as plots or just some of them.

In terms of foreclosures, Current said the land bank has three pending foreclosures, which he says are as follows:

* Two plots at 6774 Heathermoor Trail in Hillsboro, plot # 33-16-902-051.00 and mobile home # 33-06743.

* A package to 6638 Wizard of Oz Way in Hillsboro.

* A plot at 6652 Golden Dubloon Lane.

In a new update, Current said that a property at 453 E. Main St. in Hillsboro, one that the land bank moved to begin its process, “is going to take at least the value of the land to clean it up.” , but if not, she will be “just sitting there”. He pointed out that this is because there would be at least $ 10,000 to $ 12,000 in asbestos removal and about the same amount in demolition. He also said the property did not need to be foreclosed and the owner only had to sign a “deed of renunciation”.

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Pictured (left to right) Highland County Community Action Organization Housing Director Mark Current, Land Bank Member Randy Mustard and Highland County Commissioners Jeff Duncan and Terry Britton while they deliberate at the monthly land bank meeting.


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